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The Spread – Excuses and Complaints – 2/22

Spencer Doar

Spencer Doar

Associate Editor

A little bit of beef, a peek into the books of secretive market makers, and some French Revolution-based chastisement await viewers in this week’s episode of “The Spread.”

The following are the stories referenced:
Financial Times -> Finance v physics: even ‘flash boys’ can’t go faster than light
Alphacution -> Going Full Rorschach: Estimating the Short Side of Virtu’s* Book
Economic Times -> Investors make hay betting on wild swings
Traders -> MIAX Launches SPIKES Options
efinancialcareers -> Credit Suisse quietly hired Morgan Stanley’s rising star in equity derivatives
efinancialcareers -> Deutsche Bank just made another major equity derivatives hire
Business Insider Prime -> A star trader and US head of equity derivatives just quit Bank of America Merrill Lynch after less than 2 years at the bank
Financial Times -> European banks wield axe after bleak fourth quarter

Produced by Mike Forrester

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CFTC chair complains to European Commission over regulation jibe

CFTC chair complains to European Commission over regulation jibe

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