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The Spread – The Madness Sets In – 3/22

Pick your Madness – Fed, Mueller or March

Spencer Doar

Spencer Doar

Associate Editor

‘Tis the season for college allegiances to come roaring back to the forefront of conversation, but the options world stops for no one.

In this week’s episode the following stories are referenced:  
Above the Market -> How’s Your Bracket? 
CNBC -> Powerball jackpot jumps to $625 million. Here’s the tax bite if you win
Reuters -> Brazil’s Petrobras to spend $320 million to hedge Brent oil output
CME Group -> CME Group Announces Record COMEX Copper Options Open Interest
Henry Schwartz on LinkedIn -> Volatility traders look forward to first settlement of new MIAX SPIKES contracts
Financial Times -> Volatility spike prompts reforms at equity-options clearing house

Produced by Mike Forrester

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CFTC chair complains to European Commission over regulation jibe

CFTC chair complains to European Commission over regulation jibe

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