The Spread – Transitions – 1/11

Spencer Doar

Spencer Doar

Associate Editor

In this episode of “The Spread” we deal with a number of transitions. 

Below are stories referenced this week: 

Bloomberg -> MarketAxess Hires Cboe’s Chris Concannon as President, COO 
Financial Times -> Wall Street battles for supremacy in volatility market
Bloomberg -> `Kinked’ Volatility Curve Heralds Rocky First Quarter for Stocks
Reuters -> China’s ‘flash boys’ hedge funds eye end to hiatus
Reuters -> U.S. shutdown sends grain traders, farmers hunting for data
MIAX ->Miami International Holdings, Inc. Reports 2018 Trading Results

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European Central Bank

The European Central Bank has withdrawn a request it made in 2017 for greater powers to tackle financial stability risks in the euro-denominated derivatives market.  The bank said the way its request had been handled by the European Parliament and EU national governments had led to a result that risked limiting its freedom of action more than empowering the ECB to act, the Financial Times reported.


Copper Technologies, a cryptocurrency custody and brokerage firm based in London, has begun using technology known as "air-gapping," a cybersecurity method used by high-security military facilities, to protect its customer's digital assets.

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