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YCharts Seeks to Turbocharge Growth; Adds TT’s Michael Kraines to the Board

John Lothian

John Lothian

Executive Chairman

When YCharts sought to fill their open board seat, they were looking for someone who could help this Chicago Fintech success story continue its robust growth and maybe help turbocharge it. They found the answer in an executive from another Chicago fintech success story, Michael Kraines, President and CFO of Trading Technologies.

YCharts sits in a sweet spot competitively: less expensive than some of the dominant players like Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters, and having more functionality for its wealth advisor clientele than the free offerings from Google or Yahoo Finance.

With an easy to use, intuitive interface, as well as a mobile one, YCharts is looking to add even more amazing functionality to their offerings, and CEO Sean Brown believes Michael Kraines’s experience in advising fintech companies, and his current role at TT, will give them an advantage.

Kraines has advised fintech companies for over 20 years, especially as a investment banker in the financial technology sector, working at Sandler O’Neill + Partners and Wasserstein Perella & Company. Krains also practiced as a venture capital attorney with Kirkland & Ellis.

YCharts has some great strategic partners represented on the board, including Morningstar and Hyde Park Angels. Now they have added Kraines. They are a company to watch.

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