left to right: Susan Chamberlain, Kathleen Cheevers and Laura Yunger get ready to ring the opening bell at the Chicago Stock Exchange.

Non-profit organization for professionals in the alternatives industry, 100 Women in Hedge Funds, commemorated its 10-year anniversary with celebrations in New York, London, Zurich, Chicago and Toronto on Jan. 24. In Chicago, about 20 women gathered at Cheevers & Company, Inc. to watch representative of the industry nonprofit and founder of Cheevers & Company, Kathleen Cheevers, ring the opening bell at the Chicago Stock Exchange.

Cheevers & Company has been involved with 100 Women in Hedge Funds for about a year. The non-profit organization launched in 2001 as a small network to assist women on the alternative investment side. The group has grown into a global organization with 10,000 members across 14 locations.

“It is very exciting to see all the women involved in the fund side,” said Cheevers. “Since I started, there are more women in the business overall, but less on the execution and brokerage side.”

Cheevers began her career in 1979 as a runner at the Chicago Board Options Exchange. She founded Cheevers & Company as a sole proprietorship in 1982 and has watched the company grow into one of the largest brokers at the Chicago Stock Exchange. According to Cheevers & Company, the firm currently executes nearly half of all the trading volume at the exchange.

The non-profit aims to help women advance in business by organizing programs that support education, philanthropy and by leveraging professional relationships. It sponsors education events in London, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and Boston as well as other cities.

Susan Chamberlain is a compliance consultant at Foreside Alternative Investment Services and has been a member of 100 Women in Hedge Funds since 2002.

“Our last education event in Chicago was a panel discussion addressing the growing need for alternative investment firms to invest in operational infrastructure,” said Chamberlain. “Our goal is to help women in the alternative investments industry and we do that with educational events and career development, including an online job board and peer advisory groups.”

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