The COP21 agreement is only the beginning, says a group of researchers in a manifesto released by Institute for European Energy and Climate Policy as they wrote as they urged nations to improve their climate pledges by April 2017. Today’s edition also gets practical, with four websites to help you offset your carbon footprint. And finally, learn  about internal carbon price, and see if your business should implement one. 

Quote of the day

“Let’s ensure that the political momentum built up in Paris – involving 150 head of states and prime ministers – do not fade away.” 

A group of researchers involved in drafting countries’ pledges, in a manifesto released by Institute for European Energy and Climate Policy, in the Guardian’s story Nations urged to improve climate pledges by April 2017 

Lead stories 

Nations urged to improve climate pledges by April 2017 
By Alex Pashley – The Guardian
In a new global warming pact, countries set out milestones over the next five years in a bid to bridge the gap between national targets and what science recommends. 

The Grassroots of Climate Change 
By Kofi  A. Annan – Project Syndicate  
The climate-change agreement reached here on December 12 was a rich victory for diplomacy. 

Politicians aren’t talking about climate. Maybe that’s good.
By Sami Grover – Treehugger  
When leaders from almost every country in the world came to a historic climate agreement in Paris, I braced myself for a wave of ugly rhetoric and the touting of conspiracy theories here in the United States. 

4 Websites That Help You Save the Planet and Offset Your Carbon Footprint 
By Mia Taylor – The Street 
For those who may have missed it, (or live under a rock), the Paris climate summit recently wrapped up.

What is an Internal Carbon Price, and Should My Business Implement One? 
By Hugh Jones – Triple Pundit
Polluters very rarely offer to pay for cleaning up the pollution they cause. Lessons from history tell us that when there are private profits and public costs, it usually takes an intervention from government to put a price on externalities.


EUEC 2016 Conference & Expo
Feb 3 – Feb 5, 2016
San Diego Convention Center, CA 


Exxon’s Support of a Tax on Carbon: Rhetoric or Reality? 
By David Hasemyer and Bob Simison – Inside Climate News 
As Congress was gearing up to vote on major U.S. climate legislation, ExxonMobil chief executive Rex Tillerson spoke up in favor of a carbon tax in a January 2009 speech at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington. 

Report: Carbon Pricing Works for Granite State 
Public News Service 
A new business report says the Granite State has a major opportunity to accelerate the growth of clean energy and the state economy by enacting a program that charges producers of carbon dioxide.

Natural gas / coal 

Global Demand for Coal Shrinks 
By Aaron Larson – Power  
A slowing of the Chinese economy and the diversification of its power sector, combined with a worldwide trend toward policies that favor renewable energy and the retirement of older, less-efficient coal-fired facilities, trumped growth in India and the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) countries, resulting in a decline in coal consumption in 2014, which has continued this year, according to a report released by the International Energy Agency (IEA) on Dec. 18. 

U.S. Natural Gas: Fundamentals And Outlook For 2016 
Seeking Alpha
Spot Henry Hub price dropped to the lowest level since 1998 on an inflation-adjusted basis.


Cities move to defend Obama power plant rules 
By Devin Henry – The Hill 
Cities and local government groups stepped in Tuesday in an effort to protect key Obama administration climate rules from state and industry lawsuits. 

Desert tower raises Chile’s solar power ambition to new heights 
By Jonathan Watts – The Guardian  
Rising more than 200 metres above the vast, deserted plains of the Atacama desert, the second tallest building in Chile sits in such a remote location that it looks, from a distance, like the sanctuary of a reclusive prophet, a temple to ancient gods or the giant folly of a wealthy eccentric. 

Europe’s Warmest Year Heralds Free German Power for Christmas 
By Rachel Morison, Marek Strzelecki and Weixin Zha – Bloomberg News  
German power prices are poised to sink or even turn negative this Christmas as increased wind generation combines with low demand from mild weather. 

Iceland Volcanoes Could Help Power the UK 
By Patrick J. Kiger – News Discovery  
For decades, this has been one of the most tantalizing — but elusive — renewable energy ideas around.  

India Deficit to Rise as States Take On Power Companies’ Debt 
By Vrishti Beniwal – Bloomberg News  
Asia’s widest budget deficit is set to increase as India’s government implements a plan to clear debts piling up at power distribution companies. 

TerraForm, BP and Diamond Get Better Terms on Wind-Farm Debt 
By Brian Eckhouse – Bloomberg News 
TerraForm Power Inc., BP Plc and Diamond Generating Corp. repriced about $187 million of outstanding debt with a lower rate for a wind farm in Idaho, according to a person familiar with the deal. 

Clean tech

There’s yet another great reason to own a Tesla Model S, especially if you love music 
By Dave Smith  – Tech Insider  
As if its safety features, high-tech options, independence from gasoline and countless awards weren’t enough to sell you, there’s another great reason to own a Tesla Model S, especially if you love music. 


EPA Announces $25 Million to Improve Water Quality, Infrastructure in Arizona 
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced $25 million in funding to Arizona for investment in statewide improvements in local drinking water and wastewater infrastructure and the reduction of water pollution. 

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