We are back on the campaign trail in today’s edition, with Bernie Sanders mocking Trump’s contention that the Chinese created climate change. “Surprised it wasn’t the Mexicans,” Sanders said! Also, you can run but you can’t hide, as carbon-tracking satellite numbers rise.

Quote of the day

“What an insight. How brilliant can you be. The entire scientific community has concluded that climate change is real and causing major problems and Trump believes that it’s a hoax created by the Chinese. Surprised it wasn’t the Mexicans.”

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, in the Washington Post’s story Bernie Sanders mocks Donald Trump’s contention that the Chinese created climate change 

Lead stories 

Bernie Sanders mocks Donald Trump’s contention that the Chinese created climate change 
By John Wagner – Washington Post  
Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, who’s repeatedly accused Donald Trump of being a divisive “demagogue,” opened a new line of attack Monday night on the Republican front-runner: lampooning his views on climate change.

Flying lab to investigate Southern Ocean’s appetite for carbon 
By Laura Snider – 
A team of scientists is launching a series of research flights this month over the remote Southern Ocean in an effort to better understand just how much carbon dioxide the icy waters are able to lock away.  

No hiding for polluters as carbon-tracking satellite numbers rise 
By Ed King – Climate Home 
The world’s top greenhouse gas polluters are being watched from space, where there’s no hiding the fumes pumped into the atmosphere.


EUEC 2016 Conference & Expo
Feb 3 – Feb 5, 2016
San Diego Convention Center, CA 


Using Technology To Keep Carbon Emissions In Check 
NPR (Audio)
The Paris agreement to curb climate change calls for a dramatic shift away from fossil fuels and the greenhouse gasses they emit, especially carbon dioxide.  

Statoil wins carbon storage contract for North Sea feasibility studies 
By Jocelyn Timperley – BusinessGreen 
The potential for the North Sea to establish itself as a carbon capture hub received a major boost yesterday, after Norwegian energy giant Statoil secured a deal to assess the feasibility of a number of prospective storage sites.

Low methane rice research wins accolades but could take decades for regulatory approval as genetically modified food 
By Sarina Locke – ABC Rural 
A new genetically modified rice plant that produces virtually no greenhouse gas while it grows, has been recognised as one of the top scientific projects for 2015.
***LB: Also in this story “”Around 100 million tonnes of methane comes from rice paddies, 15 per cent of the total anthropogenic emissions of methane,” biochemist Dr Christer Jansson, of the US Department of Energy, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory said.” 

Natural gas / coal 

Enormous Methane Leak. Here Are 8 Things You Need to Know. 
By Julia Lurie – Mother Jones 
For more than two months, California has experienced a slow-moving environmental disaster: Methane leaking from a faulty natural gas well near the Los Angeles neighborhood Porter Ranch has displaced thousands of families and is releasing the greenhouse gas equivalent of driving 7 million cars each day. 

2016: When Climate Activists Aim to Halt Federal Coal Leases 
By Zahra Hirji – InsideClimateNews  
With the Keystone XL pipeline rejected and Royal Dutch Shell’s Arctic drilling plans abandoned, activists have a new agenda for 2016: bringing climate accountability to the federal fossil fuel program.  

The Future of Australian Coal 
By Tom Switzer – The Wall Street Journal
Australian environmentalists believe the political climate is changing.

Alberta’s quitting coal, for better and worse 
By Paul Haavardsrud – CBC News 
As nearly 200 countries start to muddle through the next steps following the Paris climate change agreement, at least one outcome is clear — much of the world will be getting off coal. 

Indian coal barons’ $10 billion global mine investments may flounder 
By Piyush Pandey – The Hindu  
About $10 billion worth of investments made by Indian coal barons, including billionaire Anil Ambani, Gautam Adani, L. Madhusudhan Rao, GVK Reddy and G. M. Rao, in buying mines overseas may go down the drain due to declining global prices of the commodity and a surge in domestic output.


N.J. positioned to be a leader in wind energy 
By Scott Fallon – The Record 
New Jersey is in position to generate more power from offshore wind turbines over the next few years than neighboring states, according to a report released by an environmental group Monday. 

Google Helps Analyze If Rooftop Solar Panels Are Good Deal 
By Emery P. Dalesio – AP
The company that lets you compare air fares and translate foreign languages online wants to make it easier to weigh the costs and benefits of installing solar panels on household rooftops.

Green energy: How one power plant chips away at the UK’s carbon footprint  
By Steve Connor – The Independent  
Converting a coal-fired power station to one that burns wood might sound easy enough, until you see first-hand what is involved.

Clean tech

Canadian clean-tech sector sees bright future 
By Richard Blackwell – The Globe and Mail 
It has been an exciting few months for the Canadian clean technology industry, with a refreshed optimism coursing through the sector, thanks to new environmentally positive governments in Ottawa and Alberta, an agreement at the Paris climate talks, and even an endorsement of the climate change fight from the Pope.

Should Tesla Be Worried About Competition? 
By Trefis Team – Forbes 
As large automakers increase their focus on electric vehicles (EVs), competition in this space, considered to be Tesla Motors‘ home ground, is intensifying.


Ice Sheets Hold the Secrets of Sea-Level Rise
By Gayathri Vaidyanathan – ClimateWire  
Three years ago, scientists discovered that ice loss in Greenland and Antarctica has accelerated since 1992 due to climate change.

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