In today’s edition, the shock, with the Supreme Court’s surprise decision Tuesday to halt President Obama’s climate change regulation. What does it mean for the fight against climate change? Read some analyses. They differ. Climate worked for Bernie Sanders. The New Hampshire winner for the Democrats singles out climate change in his victory speech. Finally, fund managers who ignore climate risk ‘could face legal action’. 

Quote of the day

“We’re going to continue to take aggressive steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

White House deputy press secretary Eric Schultz, in the Guardian’s story Supreme court ruling on Obama’s clean power plan just a ‘bump in the road’ 

Lead stories 

Supreme court ruling on Obama’s clean power plan just a ‘bump in the road’ 
By Suzanne Goldenberg – The Guardian
The supreme court hit the pause button on Barack Obama’s plans to cut climate pollution from power plants, injecting new uncertainty into the viability of Obama’s climate plan once he leaves office in 2017.

Obama’s climate strategy left up in the air 
By Ed Crooks – Financial Times
President Barack Obama’s climate change policy has been left in a state of suspended animation until next year at the earliest — after he leaves office — as a result of a decision from the US Supreme Court on Tuesday.

Supreme Court’s Blow to Emissions Efforts May Imperil Paris Climate Accord 
By Coral Davenport – The New York Times  
The Supreme Court’s surprise decision Tuesday to halt President Obama’s climate change regulation could weaken or even imperil the international global warming accord reached with great ceremony in Paris less than two months ago, climate diplomats said. 

Fund managers who ignore climate risk ‘could face legal action’ 
By Damian Carrington – The Guardian  
Pension and investment fund managers who ignore the risks of climate change face the prospect of legal action, according to financial and legal experts. 

Bernie Sanders Singles Out Climate Change in Victory Speech 
By Evan Lehmann – ClimateWire  
Sen. Bernie Sanders sailed to an overwhelming victory in the New Hampshire Democratic primary last night, delivering a stinging blow to Hillary Clinton and promising to prolong the surprisingly tight nominating contest.


Cleantech Innovate London
February 11, 2016

CERAWeek 2016 Energy Conference 
Energy Transition: Strategies for a New World 
February 22-26, 2016 
Houston, Texas

The Wall Street Green Trading Summit  
Columbia University Club, New York 
March 14, 2016

Northeast RECs Regional Thought Leader Round Table 
March 23, 2016 
Environmental Markets Association 
Office of Dentons, 1221 Avenue of the Americas, New York

Global Carbon Market Fair and Conference 
May 25-27, 2016 

Cleantech Innovate Scotland 
June 9, 2016


Can Large Companies Lead The Low-Carbon Revolution? 
By Marc Gunther – environment360 
Not long ago, David Crane and David Steiner were among a handful of Fortune 500 CEOs admired by environmentalists. 

Washington Lawmakers Consider Putting A Price On Carbon 
By Ken Christensen – KCTS9 
State lawmakers this week began discussing a measure that could make Washington the first state to tax residents and businesses on their carbon emissions.

Natural gas / coal 

Coal Money Divides Oakland’s Churches  
By Darwin Bond-Graham – East Bay Express
Reverend Ken Chambers’ Westside Missionary Baptist Church is located on Willow Street in West Oakland, just half a mile from the bustling railroad yard where dozens of trains pass each day.

A huge coal miners’ pension plan is on the brink of failure. One senator is blocking a fix.
By Joby Warrick and Lydia DePillis – The Washington Post
When Sen. Mitch McConnell strode into the Capitol for last month’s State of the Union speech, he took with him a guest whose presence was sure to be seen as a slap against the Obama administration and its policies on coal.


EDF faces 100bn euros bill for upgrading ageing nuclear power stations 
By Michael Stothard – Financial Times  
French utility EDF is facing a 100bn euros bill for upgrading its ageing nuclear power stations at the same time as a new law could force it to close a third of its reactors, according to the country’s state audit office. 

A National Power Grid: The Answer To Renewable Energy’s Storage Problem 
By Adele Peters  – co.exist 
Wind power is now as cheap as coal, and in some places, solar is cheaper than natural gas. But there’s one thing that most people assume still holds back renewable energy in the U.S.: power plants need a constant source of energy, and there isn’t a cheap enough way to store wind or solar at a large scale yet.

Clean tech

Tesla loss: 87 cents per share, vs expected earnings of 10 cents 
By Jacob Pramuk – CNBC  
Tesla Motors posted a much worse-than-expected quarterly loss Wednesday, but its stock spiked after strong deliveries guidance for the current year.


When it comes to saving water, Southern Californians are tapped out — or are they? 
By Taylor Goldenstein – Los Angeles Times 
After months of responding to calls to save water, Southern Californians say they’ve hit a wall. 

A maverick hedge fund manager thinks Wall Street is the answer to the water crisis in the West
By Abrahm Lustgarten –  ProPublica 
On a brisk, cloudless day last January, Disque Deane Jr. stepped out of his SUV, kicked his cowboy boots in the dirt, and looked around.

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