In today’s edition, learn why students don’t learn properly what climate change is all about. Also, learn how climate change may have helped spread Zika virus according to WHO scientists. And finally, find some hope in the “Caucus to Save the World”, with two south Florida congressmen who created a new House task force on climate change that seeks to propose clean energy legislation in the next two months.

Quote of the day

“There shouldn’t be this false orthodoxy, where if you’re a Democrat you want to solve this problem and if you’re a Republican you want to ignore it. That just makes no sense.”

Republican Representative Carlos Curbelo, in the Bloomberg News’ story The Caucus to Save the World 

Lead stories

Two-thirds of US students are taught climate change badly, study finds 
By Suzanne Goldenberg – The Guardian  
Nearly two-thirds of schoolchildren in the US are taught lessons on climate change that do not rise to the level of a sound science education, according to new research on Thursday. 

Climate change may have helped spread Zika virus according to WHO scientists 
By Oliver Milman – The Guardian 
The outbreak of Zika virus in Central and South America is of immediate concern to pregnant women in the region, but for some experts the situation is a glimpse of the sort of public health threats that will unfold due to climate change.

The Best Ideas to Fight Pollution May Be Too Risky 
By Anna Hirtenstein – Bloomberg News  
Some of the most dramatic measures to suck global warming pollution out of the atmosphere are probably too risky to be worth trying, an academic at a climate research institution concluded.

The Caucus to Save the World 
By Eric Roston – Bloomberg News  
Two south Florida congressmen last week created a new House task force on climate change that seeks to propose clean energy legislation in the next two months. And despite strong headwinds, the bill may not be dead on arrival.


Cleantech Innovate London
February 11, 2016

CERAWeek 2016 Energy Conference 
Energy Transition: Strategies for a New World 
February 22-26, 2016 
Houston, Texas

The Wall Street Green Trading Summit  
Columbia University Club, New York 
March 14, 2016

Northeast RECs Regional Thought Leader Round Table 
March 23, 2016 
Environmental Markets Association 
Office of Dentons, 1221 Avenue of the Americas, New York

Navigating the American Carbon World (NACW) 2016 
Climate Action Reserve 
May 4-6, 2016 
San Diego, California

Global Carbon Market Fair and Conference 
May 25-27, 2016 

Cleantech Innovate Scotland 
June 9, 2016


Carbon-Rule Stay Puts Obama Environmental Legacy on the Line 
By Amy Harder and Brent Kendall – The Wall Street Journal 
The Supreme Court’s unexpected move this week to block a federal carbon-emissions rule was a significant blow to President Barack Obama’s environmental agenda, underscoring the unusual way in which that ambitious agenda is now in a state of suspended animation.

Natural gas / coal

Canadian Regulator Sees Petronas Project Harming Environment 
By Rebecca Penty – Bloomberg News  
The Canadian regulator reviewing a natural gas export project on the nation’s Pacific Coast said the C$36 billion ($26 billion) development led by Petroliam Nasional Bhd. would probably cause “significant adverse environmental effects.”

Coal India Net Rises as Modi Electricity Plan Boosts Growth 
By Rajesh Kumar Singh – Bloomberg News  
Coal India Ltd., the world’s largest producer of the fuel, posted a third-quarter profit increase as Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s goal of expanding access to electricity boosted demand. 

Adani’s coal roadblocks could ‘deter’ Indian investment, says minister Piyush Goyal 
By Matt Wade – Sydney Morning Herald  
Piyush Goyal, India’s Minister of State for energy, says his country has ambitious plans to reduce its carbon usage by 2030. 

Natural Gas Price Slips on Soft Demand 
By Paul Ausick – 24/7 Wall Street  
The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) reported Thursday morning that U.S. natural gas stocks decreased by 70 billion cubic feet for the week ending February 5.

Experts Say Exporting Natural Gas Is Going To Help US Against Russia 
By Andrew Follett – The Daily Caller  
As the U.S. Senate considers a bill to clarify liquefied natural gas (LNG) export regulations, a panel of experts convened to discuss the impacts of shipping more American natural gas abroad.


Duke Energy to see little short-term impact from Supreme Court ruling on EPA carbon plan 
By John Downey – Charlotte Business Journal 
The U.S. Supreme Court’s somewhat surprising decision to stay enforcement of President Obama’s Clean Power Plan should have little short-term impact on Duke Energy. 

China overtakes EU to become global wind power leader 
By Alex Pashley – Climate Home (part of the Guardian Environment Network)
China installed half of all new wind capacity worldwide last year, according to the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC). 

The Koch Brothers’ Dirty War on Solar Power  
By Tim Dickinson – Rolling Stone  
After decades of false starts, solar power in America is finally poised for its breakthrough moment.

Clean tech

(UK’s) Lord Bourne declares clean tech innovation ‘crucial’ to climate change battle 
By Madeleine Cuff – BusinessGreen 
Energy Minister reaffirms government commitment to supporting UK green technology sector, highlighting nuclear and offshore wind as key spending priorities. 

Are You Ready to Power Your Car With the Sun? 
By Gina Coplon-Newfield – Sierra Club
Even Eloise, who is four and three quarters years old, knows that certain things just go well together. Like peanut butter and jelly. Or solar power and electric vehicles (EV).


Why It Won’t Be Easy or Cheap to Fix Flint’s Water Crisis 
By Julie Bosman – The New York Times 
During his annual budget address on Wednesday, Gov. Rick Snyder of Michigan laid out a series of sweeping proposals to help Flint cope with its contaminated water supply.

An island state bets on water to revive its fortunes 
The Economist  
For 27 years Yvonne and Noel Gerke ran a transport business, hauling logs from Tasmania’s forests to mills grinding woodchips for customers in Japan and elsewhere in Asia.

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