In today’s edition, the EU is set to emit 2bn tons more CO2 than it promised at the Paris climate talks, threatening an agreement to cap global warming at 2C, a note from the European commission has revealed. Other countries act: India introduces car sales tax to combat pollution, for example, while food giants launch search for sustainable protein. 

Quote of the day

“If we do not raise the level of ambition and move towards a greater linear reduction factor for the ETS, the UK and other EU countries will not meet the groundbreaking climate change targets agreed in Paris.”  

Seb Dance, the Labour party’s environment spokesman, in the Guardian’s story EU set to emit 2bn tonnes more CO2 than Paris climate pledge

Lead stories

How Leonardo DiCaprio became one of the world’s top climate change champions 
By Suzanne Goldenberg – The Guardian 
Leonardo DiCaprio was a climate champion long before the actor wrapped himself in an animal carcass, vomited up raw bison liver, and risked hypothermia for his Oscar-winning role in Revenant.  

(US’s) Energy secretary takes budget hot seat 
By Timothy Cama – The Hill
Administration officials face a busy week with multiple trips to Capitol Hill for hearings on President Obama’s last budget request.

EU set to emit 2bn tonnes more CO2 than Paris climate pledge 
By Arthur Neslen – The Guardian 
The EU is set to emit 2bn tonnes more CO2 than it promised at the Paris climate talks, threatening an agreement to cap global warming at 2C, a note from theEuropean commission has revealed. 
***LB: Also in this story “Carbon prices will rise too slowly to cut industrial emissions as much as needed, says a confidential note prepared for MEPs on the environment committee, which the Guardian has seen.”

India introduces car sales tax to combat pollution 
By Jason Burke and agencies – The Guardian  
India has introduced a new tax on car sales aimed at helping fight high levels of air pollution and congestion. 

Food giants launch search for sustainable protein 
By Jocelyn Timperley – BusinessGreen 
Some of the world’s leading food companies, including Waitrose, Hershey, Target, and Quorn, have joined a new coalition working to identify innovative techniques for meeting the world’s soaring demand for protein in a sustainable manner. 
***LB: Also in this story “Waitrose, Target, and Quorn among companies to sign up to newly launched Protein Challenge 2040 initiative.”


The Wall Street Green Trading Summit  
Columbia University Club, New York 
March 14, 2016

Northeast RECs Regional Thought Leader Round Table 
March 23, 2016 
Environmental Markets Association 
Office of Dentons, 1221 Avenue of the Americas, New York

Navigating the American Carbon World (NACW) 2016 
Climate Action Reserve 
May 4-6, 2016 
San Diego, California

Global Carbon Market Fair and Conference 
May 25-27, 2016 

Cleantech Innovate Scotland 
June 9, 2016


1000th primary auction of emission allowances at EEX  
EEX Press Release
The European Energy Exchange (EEX) has today successfully conducted its 1,000th primary auction of emission allowances.

Natural gas / coal

China coal consumption drops again 
China’s coal consumption fell for the second year in a row, government data showed Monday, as the world’s biggest polluter attempts to tackle chronic pollution that accompanied economic growth. 
***LB: Also in this story “Coal use fell 3.7% in 2015, following 2.9% drop in 2014, as China tries to wean itself off fuel that causes local air pollution problems and global warming” 

Arch Coal Accused of Funding a Leading Climate-Denial Litigator 
By Leon Kaye – Triple Pundit  
Recent years have not been kind to the U.S. coal industry, and despite the industry’s claim that the Obama administration’s affinity for clean energy has ruined their business, the reality is that the fracking boom has led to natural gas supplanting coal as the No. 1 electrical power generator in America. 

Natural Gas Prices Fall to 17-Year Low 
By Nicole Friedman – The Wall Street Journal
The U.S. natural gas market faces another year of ultralow prices as winter comes to an end and the start of liquefied natural gas exports has failed to boost prices.


World’s biggest floating solar farm powers up outside London 
By Fiona Harvey – The Guardian 
On a vast manmade lake on the outskirts of London, work is nearing completion on what will soon be Europe’s largest floating solar power farm – and will briefly be the world’s biggest. 

SolarCity launches low-carbon energy bundle in Hawaii 
By Madeleine Cuff – BusinessGreen
SolarCity, one of America’s leading installers of solar panels, has launched a new “self-supply” programme to residential customers in Hawaii that aims to minimise reliance on electricity from the grid.

Clean tech

Canada’s Clean Tech Agreement with China 
By Roy L Hales – ECOreport 
Zhigang Wang, China’s Minister of Science and Technology, was in Ottawa yesterday. He discussed possible areas of collaboration with Jim Carr, Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources. 

Tesla Motors, Inc.: This is Where TSLA Stock is Going Next 
Profit Confidential  
Investors like Tesla Motors, Inc. stock because of the company’s great potential and Elon Musk’s charisma. 

Here Is Why Tesla Model 3 Might Cost More Than Chevy Bolt 
By Saif Ali Jafri – Bidness ETC  
Tesla Motors Inc. has pinned high hopes on its upcoming mass-market electric Model 3 sedan, which is on track for a rollout in the fourth quarter of 2017. 

DoE provides US$30m battery/fuel cells research grant 
By Roger Stansfield – Just Auto  
America’s Department of Energy’s (DoE) Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E), says up to US$30m will be available in funding for a new programme focused on creating components for the next generation of batteries, fuel cells and other electrochemical devices.


A Tale of Two Water Systems 
By Alana Semuels – The Atlantic  
This growing region needs more water, and it’s spending hundreds of millions to get it. A $72 million plant opened here in 2014 to turn wastewater into drinking water, and the Santa Clara Valley Water District is planning to build five more plants to purify water in the region. 

Amazon and Brita team up for Wi-Fi water pitchers  
By Lauren Goode – The Verge  
Back when Amazon first revealed plans for its Dash Replenishment Service, its automatic-reordering system that would be triggered by “smart” appliances, it named Brita as a partner.

Fears About Water Supply Grip Village That Made Teflon Products 
By Jesse McKinley – The New York Times
One resident called 911 asking whether the village’s water would burn his skin off. Families have lined up to have their blood drawn and their wells tested.

Five of the best water-smart cities in the developing world 
By Frederika Whitehead – The Guardian
With the majority of the world’s population now living in cities, solving water problems specific to metropolitan areas is crucial. Whether there’s too much water or not enough, whether it’s too polluted or too salty, these issues can be solved with thought, ingenuity, money and organisation.

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