In today’s edition, good news: Republicans are warming up to renewable energy – at last! Also, pressure grows for price on carbon ahead of UN signing: A group of world leaders and international finance chiefs has urged the world to rapidly expand the pricing of carbon pollution. Finally, learn how to travel the earth and protect it, too. 

Quote of the day

“What I sense among Republicans is there is some belief that, yes, this does sound like a song we could sing.’’

Bob Inglis, a former six-term Republican congressman from South Carolina who now runs an organization promoting free-market solutions to climate change, in the Bloomberg News’ story Republicans Are Warming Up to Renewable Energy 

Lead stories

Republicans Are Warming Up to Renewable Energy 
By Joe Ryan – Bloomberg News  
For decades, alternative energy was the province of activists. It was far more expensive than fossil fuels, and many remained unconvinced of humanity’s role in the globe’s rising temperature. 

Pressure grows for price on carbon ahead of UN signing 
By Matt McGrath – BBC News  
A group of world leaders and international finance chiefs has urged the world to rapidly expand the pricing of carbon pollution. 
***LB: Also in this story “India has also called on rich countries to put a tax on coal to help poorer nations adapt to climate change.” 

Study reveals greater climate impacts of 2C temperature rise 
By Damian Carrington – The Guardian  
A difference of half a degree centigrade may be barely noticeable day to day, but the difference between 1.5C and 2C of global warming is a shift into a new, more dangerous climate regime, according to the first comprehensive analysis of the issue. 

Australia’s solemn climate promise much more than a signing ceremony 
By Lenore Taylor – The Guardian
First the good news. Greg Hunt is about to join 60 heads of state and representatives from more than 150 countries at the United Nations signing ceremony for last year’s Paris climate agreement, and has said Australia will move to ratify it by the end of the year.


Navigating the American Carbon World (NACW) 2016 
Climate Action Reserve 
May 4-6, 2016 
San Diego, California   

Global Carbon Market Fair and Conference 
May 25-27, 2016 

Cleantech Innovate Scotland 
June 9, 2016  


Swiss Scientists Discover Trees’ Hidden Underground Carbon Internet 
By Bobby Berman –  Big Think  
Scientists have just uncovered an amazing subterranean carbon dioxide exchange that goes on between trees and fungi. 

NZ government embroiled in carbon credit scandal 
By Willow Aliento – The Fifth Estate 
The New Zealand government may have participated in major climate fraud through the use of dodgy “hot air” carbon credits issued by the Ukraine and Russia, according to a new report from the Morgan Foundation.

Natural gas / coal 

California’s coal war pits economic survival against environmental justice 
By Maria L La Ganga – The Guardian  
Margaret Gordon will not get out of the car. She is in the shadow of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay bridge on a triangle of land where a bustling maritime terminal is planned. 

What’s Driving the Rise in Natural Gas Prices? 
By Robert Scott – Yahoo!
The forecast for below average temperatures in the next two weeks drove natural gas prices to a day high of $2.1 on April 19, 2016.

Israel government to give more money to factories switching to natural gas 
The Jerusalem Post  
Israel’s natural gas market has been trying to launch for the past several years but roadblocks both in the existing and developing markets have slowed down the pace in recent months.


Ecotricity snaps up SunEdison’s UK solar business 
By James Murray – GreenBusiness
Ecotricity has today announced it has acquired the domestic rooftop solar business of SunEdison, just hours after the US solar giant confirmed it was seeking bankruptcy protection.  

India’s ReNew Power Hits 1 GW Solar, Wind Energy Installed Capacity 
By Saurabh Mahapatra – CleanTechnica  
Young renewable energy independent power generation company ReNew Power Ventures recently achieved a significant milestone of 1 GW installed wind and solar power capacity.

Poland’s New Right-Wing Rulers Want To Effectively Ban Wind Power 
Poland, the eighth-biggest consumer of coal in the world, may outlaw wind power. New draft legislation from the right-wing government doesn’t ban wind turbines outright, but as you’ll see, its terms make building new turbines almost impossible.

Clean tech

Tesla has received almost 400,000 preorders for the Model 3
By Tom Warren  – The Verge 
Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed this morning that the company has received almost 400,000 preorders for its new Model 3 sedan. 


Senate defeats effort to defund clean water rule that protects wetlands 
By Erin Kelly – USA TODAY 
The Senate narrowly defeated a controversial amendment Thursday that would have stripped funding for clean water protections and ensured defeat of a $37.5 billion energy and water spending bill.

The Drought is Over! Say Some California Water Officials 
By Bianca Barragan – 
In the midst of an unwelcome hot snap and on the tail end of a no-show El Niño, SoCal is basically clamping down for a hot, dry summer.

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