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Monthly averages Des Moines Longitude: -93.6091, Latitude: 41.6005 Average weather Des Moines, IA - 50347. When the outside temperature is 10-20 degrees Fahrenheit, indoor humidity levels should not exceed 35%. Above-average temperatures dominated the western U.S., the central Gulf Coast and the East Coast. However the humidity level will still be low and dry! This ranked in the middle third of the 126-year record. The state averages 166 days of full sunshine and 199 cloudy or partly cloudy days. Dew point temperature increases in … Averages are for Dubuque Regional Airport, which is 7 miles from Dubuque. This range will provide the best comfort for your family. Station Data. now offers an average city relative humidity chart that displays the annual and monthly humidity for dozens of cities. / Ranks / Iowa Average Wind Speed County Rank. In the winter, humidity of between 30 and 40 percent is considered normal. So, it will be easy for you to control humidity within your work environment.
The thin dotted lines are the corresponding average perceived temperatures. If it gets much lower than 30, you risk problems with … Relative humidity is probalby the second most popular factor that people take into consideration when looking for the weather of a city to live in. Our cloud cover score is 10 for fully clear skies, falling linearly to 9 for mostly clear skies, and to 1 for fully overcast skies. “An Aprilaire whole-home humidifier is designed to raise absolute humidity in your home, which, at the same time, increases the relative humidity (RH) in the air. I think we had two or three days of high temperatures above 90F, not including humidity. My humidifier is not on. Based on weather reports collected during 1985–2015. If the humidity is too high, then mold and mildew can grow. The Methodology: Our data is based on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Average Relative Humidity Data, which is collected from each of its approximately 250 weather observation stations located throughout the United States. MUCH MUCH better than when I lived further south in the Kansas City region. If the relative humidity level of your home is high in the summer months, consider use a dehumidifier, an air conditioning system, or exhaust fans to bring the humidity levels back into the 45 to 55 percent range. Locations without 'Average Humidity' data are not listed. This location is classified as Cfa by Köppen and Geiger. The wettest season is Autumn with 39% of yearly precipitation and 10% occurs in Spring, which is the driest season. What is the recommended humidity level inside a home? Relative humidity is probalby the second most popular factor that people take into consideration when looking for the weather of a city to live in. The relative humidity is expressed as a percentage measure of the amount of moisture in the air compared to the maximum amount of moisture the air can hold at the same temperature and pressure. Local Data Search . Wisconsin has more manageable humidity in Summer compared to most of Iowa as most of our high temperatures are often lower. That means that the ideal range of relative humidity for a home is between 30% and 50%, according to the EPA. What causes high humidity levels? If the levels get too low, a humidifier can help raise the humidity. If the outdoor temperature is 0-10 degrees, the indoor humidity level should remain at 30% or slightly lower. The average annual temperature in Iowa is 19.7 °C | 67.4 °F. In instances when the outdoor temperature is between -10 and 0 degrees Fahrenheit, the humidity level should not exceed 25%. Iowa Average Wind Speed County Rank. Relative humidity of US cities including average monthly and annual data in a city by city listing. Iowa climate summary The Iowa lies on 10m above sea level The climate in Iowa is warm and temperate. When it rains, it can have a considerable impact on the humidity in the air. Monthly: 1981-2010 normals History: 2007-2019 These current conditions and the related content/links on this page are not a substitution for the official weather briefing from the FAA. The recommended average relative humidity level is between 35 percent and 45 percent. Humidity The average relative humidity in Des Moines is 64.8%. The counties in the blue represent cooler summers compared to average over the last 50 years. The humidity in your house can greatly affect the comfort of each room. This state is least humid in June and most humid towards August. For October, the average contiguous U.S. temperature was 54.4°F, 0.3°F above the 20 th century average. Plenty of sunshine across Iowa this afternoon with temperatures in the upper 70s to mid 80s. Even in the driest month there is a lot of rain. Please note that we only rank locations with 'Average Humidity' data. ... average annual relative humidity and 2) the average annual dew point. Climate is the average of weather over time. Des Moines's coldest month is January when the average temperature overnight is 11.7°F. It also helps to protect your musical instruments, drywall, wooden furniture, and other belongings or materials from the damaging effects of dryness or excessive moisture. Please contact the FAA for more information on pilot briefings or call 1-800-WX-BRIEF (800-992-7433). This, of course, depends on the climate you live in, as well as your personal preference. It may cause too much humidity, thus adding too much moisture into the air. Humidity above 50% is typically considered too high, while humidity below 30% is usually too low. Iowa's average annual rainfall of 35.2 inches indicates that it is drier than most states in the United States. Average humidity values are given for selected morning and afternoon observations. Iowa is a city with a significant rainfall. The high humidity makes it feel hotter than it actually is, making what could potentially be a perfectly-sunny day into a nastily-sticky day. The NOAA data for each station represents each location's average morning relative humidity and average afternoon relative humidity, … Iowa lies in the humid continental zone and generally has hot summers, cold winters, and wet springs. 1. Averages are for Waterloo Municipal Airport, which is 5 miles from Waterloo. In the winter, the humidity will naturally be lower in the home than it is in the summer. Similarly, the annual average wind speed for Iowa is much higher than the national average. ... in order to achieve a relative humidity (RH) of 100%. and inherit a … The indoor temperature is 70 degrees (F) and the indoor humidity level is 35%. Maximum relative humidity values usually occur during morning hours. Monthly averages Ottumwa Longitude: -92.4479, Latitude: 41.1066 Average weather Ottumwa, IA - 52501. Relative humidity is what we need to be concerned with. With the varied climate, retirees can ski or snowshoe in the winter, hike in the summer, and enjoy the scenic Rocky Mountains any time of year. Living house plants can also help raise the humidity of a home, as can placing containers of water near your heat ducts. July is the hottest month for Davenport with an average high temperature of 84.6°, which ranks it as warmer than most places in Iowa. Too much of it and your home could grow mold, mildew, fungus, etc. The rank above might not be a complete list. First, let's lay out a general rule for the ideal indoor relative humidity. Rainfall The month with the most rainfall is June when the rain falls for 11.5 days and typically aggregates up to 4.9" (125.5mm) of precipitation. June is the wettest month in Iowa with 4.9 inches of rain, and the driest month is January with 0.9 inches. FAQs on humidity levels. A … If the humidity level is too low, itchy skin, dry hair and chapped lips can make you uncomfortable. Denver is one of the least humid cities in the U.S. and has on average 245 sunny days a year, even in the snowy winter. As I type this, the outdoor temperature is currently 32 degrees (F) and outdoor humidity is 93% (it just snowed). California ranked warmest on record for October while Arizona and Florida both ranked third warmest. Relative humidity is a confusing way to describe atmospheric moisture near the ground level. Recommended Humidity Levels . Iowa Average Wind Speed County Rank. Climate can mean the average weather for a particular region and time period taken over 30 years. Temperatures vary widely during the year, with an annual average of 49°F (9°C). You want to keep the indoor relative humidity low enough to prevent visible and invisible moisture problems and high enough to prevent excess static electricity or dry skin. Control humidity levels easily for year-round comfort. Monthly: 1981-2010 normals Based on weather reports collected during 1985–2015. Annual Weather Averages Near Waterloo. The Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends a humidity level between 30 and 50 percent, while the Environmental Protection Agency recommends a humidity level between 30 and 60 percent to reduce the growth of harmful mold.

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