A Look Back with Steve Staszak

Former CME Group Director of Clearing Operations Reflects on a Career that Spanned the Modern Futures Trading Era

John J. Lothian

Publisher, John Lothian News

Steve Staszak recently retired from the CME Group, where he was director of clearing operations.

Staszak began his career at the old CME Building on Franklin Street. He was there for the beginning of currency trading on the International Monetary Market and at the end for the launch of bitcoin futures.

John Lothian News sat down with Staszak for a look back at his career, which spanned the days of grains and meats to the modern era of futures trading and all the great events in between.

He talks about the innovations brought on by the 1987 stock market crash and his role in implementing them. He finishes with a statement of appreciation for Leo Melamed’s leadership at the CME and the impact it had on his career.

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