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John Lothian News (JLN) is the news division of John J. Lothian & Company, Inc. (JJLCO). The online media and financial services firm is led by publisher John J. Lothian. The firm is staffed by derivatives industry, journalism and technology professionals including managing editor Sarah Rudolph, associate editor Spencer Doar, producer & editor Michael Forrester, Jr., and editor Jeff Bergstrom.


John Lothian News – The hub for our original videos, interviews and articles, plus archives of our email newsletters.

MarketsWiki – A knowledge base featuring thousands of pages of content on people, firms, exchanges, contracts, terms and topics related to the global financial markets.

MarketsWiki Education – A collection of videos and other content aimed at helping the next generation of industry professionals from all over the world connect with the markets.

John Lothian Productions – John Lothian Productions is the video production division of John J. Lothian & Company, Inc. (JJLCO) focusing on financial market videos.

MarketsReformWiki – A financial regulatory reform archive featuring key regulatory meetings, proposed and finalized rulemakings, comment letters, white papers and other research.

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ABN Amro takes $200m hit from failure of a single client

ABN Amro takes $200m hit from failure of a single client

First Read Hits & Takes By John Lothian and JLN Staff The challenge of the coronavirus outbreak has been compared to a war. Yesterday, there was a story that compared our current situation to World War II. It is a good comparison, because there are going to be...

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Today’s Newsletter

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Companies Can Borrow From the Fed Now

Companies Can Borrow From the Fed Now

First Read Hits & Takes By John Lothian and JLN Staff How about a good news story to start the newsletter? John Mormando is an RJ O'Brien broker in New York who contracted the coronavirus on March 1. The 53-year old was just released from Valley Hospital in...

The Spread: Quarantined

The Spread: Quarantined

This week on The Spread, bitcoin option volume spikes as bitcoin craters, the VIX closes at an all-time high due to coronavirus concerns, the NYSE closes its doors as two traders test positive for COVID-19, and more.   Transcription Welcome to the Spread, where...

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