Allan Schoenberg, Executive Director of Corporate Communications at CME Group, highlights new social media initiatives and describes how their social media strategy has evolved since they first created a Facebook page five years ago. In this conversation with JLN Publisher John Lothian, he explains how CME Group increasingly utilizes social media as a content distribution platform to discuss market issues with customers, partners and other stakeholders.

Schoenberg cites relationships with BM&FBOVESPA, MexDer, Dubai Mercantile Exchange and exchange partners in Asia that help CME Group distribute regional, language specific content to unique international audiences. Specifically, CME Group has used (a Chinese language micro-blogging site) and Youku (a Chinese language video sharing site) to initiate discussions with potential financial market participants in China.

Schoenberg contrasts Twitter’s broad appeal with StockTwits‘ ability to focus conversations on specific topics and products. He also discusses how CME Group has leveraged their historical exchange photos and research images to create image based stories on Pinterest over the last year.

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