In this edition, 11th-hour coverage of the big market vote April 16. Soros and Buffet share space on our page, in What Does Warren Buffett See in Solar? from Renewable Energy and Soros-backed group: ‘Messy’ US green energy efforts yielding results from The Hill’s E2 Wire.

Quote of the Day:

“This kind of interaction between states and the federal government is messy but useful; it has led to experimentation, expanded coverage, and increased ambition.”

–From the report of George Soros-backed Climate Policy Initiative covered in The Hill’s “Soros-backed group: ‘Messy’ US green energy efforts yielding results”


Lead Stories

Europe Braces for Verdict on Climate Chief’s Carbon Plan
The European Union’s 54 billion- euro ($71 billion) carbon emissions cap-and-trade system may be undermined if the bloc’s Parliament votes against Climate Commissioner Connie Hedegaard’s temporary rescue plan tomorrow.
**RKB — Hedegaard trying to separate short-term backloading fix from longer-term overhaul. Bloomberg New Energy Finance says April 16 vote may set fate for the market for next several year.

Carbon May Rise 44% on EU Vote for Surplus Fix, Jefferies Says
European Union carbon allowance prices may jump as much as 44 percent if the bloc’s parliament votes in favor of a plan to temporarily cut a surplus, according to Jefferies Group Inc.
**RKB — “The price could push to 7 euros and perhaps beyond, but sooner or later reality will set in and the price will decline towards our average front-year EU allowance forecast of 5 euros,” Jefferies’ Gray said.

Governments urged to learn from each other’s climate policies
Business Green
Despite the seeming lack of climate policy progress at an international level, governments around the world are taking the right steps to curb their carbon emissions, potentially laying the foundations for a global deal.

Coal and cattle lead business damage to nature-study
Coal-fired power generation in Asia and cattle ranching in South America are the most damaging businesses for nature with hidden costs that exceed the value of their production, a U.N.-backed report said on Monday.

What Does Warren Buffett See in Solar?
Renewable Energy
Everyone wants to see inside Warren Buffett’s head. One of the world’s most successful investors, the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway is a rock star among those who check the markets before their breakfast. His annual shareholder letters are famous, generating the kind of hoopla among his followers as a just-released Harry Potter novel does among children. Even U.S. President Barack Obama listens to Buffett, or at least he quotes him often. In fact, headline writers have come to call Buffett the ‘Oracle of Obama’, a play on the Nebraska native’s nickname of the ‘Oracle of Omaha’.

Soros-backed group: ‘Messy’ US green energy efforts yielding results
The Hill’s E2 Wire
The patchwork of federal and state efforts to boost low-carbon energy might not be pretty, but it’s yielding some results even as major climate legislation remains out of reach, a new analysis of global policies finds.


Navigating the American Carbon World (NACW) 2013
San Francisco April 16-18


Owen-Lloyd Joins Clean Energy in London as Trading Director
Mark Owen-Lloyd started at Clean Energy Trading Ltd. in London as a trading director for European power, natural gas, carbon and crude.

Barclays broke rules, used advisory staff for CO2 deal: lawyer
Barclays plc broke internal rules by transferring advisory staff with confidential information to its acquisitions team to help buy a Swedish carbon credit firm, a lawyer for a former client said on Monday.

E.P.A. Will Delay Rule Limiting Carbon Emissions at New Power Plants
The New York Times
The Environmental Protection Agency said Friday that it would delay issuance of a new rule limiting emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases from new power plants after the electric power industry objected on legal and technical grounds.

California’s carbon market may succeed where others have failed
High Country News
Most weekdays, a long line of rail cars delivers thick slabs of steel to a factory about 40 miles east of Los Angeles. Deep in the bowels of California Steel Industries, the slabs are toasted until they glow white-hot and then rolled into thin sheets used to make shipping containers, metal roofing and car wheels.

Natural Gas/Coal/Alternative Fuels

White House extends aviation biofuel program
The Hill’s E2 Wire
The federal government extended a research program to develop biofuels for use in commercial airplanes by five years on Monday.

Poland: frightening the frackers
Financial Times
There’s a Polish saying about not dividing the skin on a bear – in other words waiting before the animal is caught before planning a warm coat. That’s a saying Poland’s finance ministry might do well to remember as it prepares a new tax regime for the oil and gas industry.

Centrica agrees Canadian energy deal
Financial Times
Centrica, the UK’s leading energyretailer by customer numbers, has agreed to buy a bundle of gas and oil assets in Canada for C$1bn alongside investment partner Qatar Petroleum.


Germany subsidises cheap electricity for its neighbours
Germany’s neighbours enjoy cheap imported power subsidised by Berlin’s green energy policy and paid for by German households, analysts say.

New Deal for Roosevelt’s TVA Seen as Hard Sell for Obama
President Barack Obama’s proposal to wean the Tennessee Valley Authority (3015A) from the U.S. government faces the same obstacles that have frustrated privatization advocates since President Dwight Eisenhower termed the state- controlled power company “creeping socialism” in the 1950s.

EBRD May Help Fund Plant to Supply Power to Water Utility
The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development may lend as much as 5.3 million euros ($7 million) to a unit of ICCO Energ SRL, a Romanian private company, to help build a photovoltaic power plant.

France eyes 4.2 billion euros from utilities stake sales
The French government could raise as much as 4.2 billion euros ($5.50 billion) by trimming its stakes in utilities EDF and GDF Suez, money it may invest in other industries to help invigorate the ailing economy.

Investors eye Balkans for new wind power projects
Steady winds from the Adriatic and Western Balkan mountains are drawing investors to the region in search of new pastures for wind projects, which have stalled elsewhere in Europe due to subsidy cuts and struggling economies.

Vestas takes confidence blow as CFO departs
Danish wind turbine manufacturer Vestas said its chief financial officer (CFO) had stood down after less than a year in the post, dealing a blow to the company in its attempts to win back investor confidence.


Clean Energy Investment Falls 22% as Subsidy Cuts Stall Projects
Clean energy investment slid 22 percent to its lowest level in four years as nations pared subsidies for technologies from wind turbines to solar power and financing in China and Brazil stalled.

Group urges tax-writers in House to phase out energy incentives
The Hill’s E2 Wire
A coalition of “advanced energy organizations” wants the House Ways and Means Committee to phase out permanent energy tax incentives in favor of “self-regulating” benefits that push clean-energy technology.


New Turbine Technology: Key Players On- and Offshore
Renewable Energy
With annual market growth of almost 10 percent, and cumulative capacity growth of about 19 percent according to the latest figures from the Global Wind Energy Council, the wind sector continued to make robust progress in 2012. But while these figures suggest a relatively buoyant market for installations, perhaps a more accurate way to judge the health of the wind sector is to consider investment in R&D, and more specifically the products of that research, development and testing.


Saudis Approve More Water, Sewage Projects Across Kingdom
Saudi Arabia approved $96 million of water and sanitation projects including reservoirs across the kingdom, state-owned Saudi Press Agency reported, citing Minister of Water and Electricity Abdullah Al-Hussayen.

Manila Water’s Asia Expansion to Increase Profit, President Says
Manila Water Co. Inc. (MWC)’s new ventures may make up about a third of profit by 2018 as the Ayala Corp. (AC) unit expands outside the Philippine capital to Vietnam and Indonesia.


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World Resources Institute

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