In this edition, news on the natural gas front in Japan Plans LNG Futures Contract” and “Israel Taps an Offshore Natural Gas Field”. And, a couple of investing-focused articles in There Is Life After Death for Coal Power” and
“Dynegy’s Power Play on Natural Gas” from The Wall Street Journal.

Quote of the Day:

“We are taking an important step toward energy independence. We have advanced the natural gas sector in Israel over the last decade, which will be good for the Israeli economy and for all Israelis.”

–Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in The New York Times’ “Israel Taps an Offshore Natural Gas Field”

Lead Stories

Japan Plans LNG Futures Contract

The Wall Street Journal
Japan is planning to start the world’s first futures contract for liquefied natural gas, marking the latest step toward creating a global market for the fuel.The market for LNG—the chilled and exportable form of natural gas—is poised to expand rapidly in the coming years, analysts say, as the U.S. increases its exports of the fuel and global demand rises.

Israel Taps an Offshore Natural Gas Field
The New York Times
Israel moved closer to itsgoal of energy independence on Sunday asnatural gas from a large offshore field began flowing into the country, a harbinger of important change that will benefit the country strategically and economically, officials said.

Canada’s Latest Climate Change
International Herald Tribune
Just days afterWorld Water Day, the Canadian government quietly acknowledged last week that it had dropped out of the United Nations anti-drought convention. The move reportedly makes Canada the only nation in the world not party toUnited Nations Convention to Combat Desertification, or Unccd.

Op-Ed: The Tar Sands Disaster
The New York Times
IF President Obama blocks the Keystone XL pipeline once and for all, he’ll do Canada a favor.

Global Carbon Market Possible through Existing Climate Change Framework?
The Energy Collective blog
Back in the middle of last year, UNFCCC Executive Secretary Christiana Figueres tweeted: Are you up to date with #climatechange acronyms? What is EASD? NMM? FVA? WEMA?

Exelon Falls From Green Favor as Chief Fights Wind Aid
Exelon Corp. (EXC) left the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in 2009 over the group’s opposition to a climate- change bill, declaring the “carbon-based free lunch” was over.

Poll: public backs green industries to boost growth
Business Green
Almost 60 per cent of the public thinks the government should invest in green industries to promoteeconomic recovery, according to a new poll.

Bill McKibben’s lessons for business in the age of climate change
Perhaps one of the most well-known climate activists of our times, environmental writer Bill McKibben is on a mission to slow down the effect of greenhouse gases on the earth. Alongside his colleagues at the nongovernmental organization, McKibben has spearheaded a campaign calling upon communities, governments and universities all around the world to take action by divesting from fossil fuel companies.

Cost of Environmental Damage in China Growing Rapidly Amid Industrialization
The New York Times
The cost of environmental degradation inChina was about $230 billion in 2010, or 3.5 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product — three times that in 2004, in local currency terms, an official Chinese news report said this week.
Complimentary EMA Member Webinar
Proposed Changes in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative and the Potential Impacts
Tuesday, April 9, 2013
11:00am – 12:00pm EDT
Moderator: Gary Payne, Dominion
Presenters: James Hough, PSEG; Thad Huetteman, PEAR; Bill Shobe, University of Virginia

Navigating the American Carbon World (NACW) 2013
San Francisco April 16-18
Environmental groups pressure U.N. body for carbon aviation deal
Environmental groups have urged the United States to back a global deal to curb carbon emissions produced by planes, noting that global aviation emits more of the greenhouse gas than all but six of the world’s nations.

Carbon floor price launches at 16 sterling per tonne
Business Green
The government has imposed a minimum price for companies emitting carbon, despite concerns that the measure will drive up energy bills while having a negligible impact on global greenhouse gas emissions.
Natural Gas/Coal
There Is Life After Death for Coal Power
The Wall Street Journal
Owning a coal-fired power plant won’t necessarily make you popular, funny or attractive. But after years of losses, it may finally make you money.

U.S. Clean-Gasoline Rule Opposed by Oil Group Said Near
The Environmental Protection Agency proposed standards aimed at cutting the amount of sulfur in gasoline by two-thirds by 2017, a move oil industry groups said may increase the price at the pump.

Dynegy’s Power Play on Natural Gas
The Wall Street Journal
Natural-gas bulls inhabit a different world from the rest of us. For them, winter is a time of cheer, and signs of spring, which threaten this year’s 18% rally in gas prices, are cause for dismay.

Natural gas, through the looking glass: Dynergy blog
That’s the bottom line for The Wall Street Journal’s Heard on the Street. It singled out power generator Dynergy Inc., which has more to do with coal, as a way for natural-gas bulls to invest “through-the-looking-glass style.”
Romania plans to cut support for renewable energy
Romania’s government will cut its support scheme for wind, solar and small hydro renewable energy projects to avoid overcompensating investors, energy regulator ANRE said on Friday.

Marubeni Targets National Park in Japan for Geothermal
Marubeni Corp (8002) (8002)., the biggest investor in electricity generation amongJapan’s trading houses, is working on how to revive the geothermal industry and tap heat that powers volcanos as an alternative to nuclear reactors.

Brazil Provides $1.5 Billion to Boost Renewable-Energy Research
Brazil will provide as much as 3 billion reais ($1.5 billion) in grants and loans to fund research into renewable energy.

First Solar Buys 150-Megawatt California Solar Power Project
First Solar Inc. (FSLR) bought the 150- megawatt Solar Gen 2 project in California from an affiliate ofGoldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS), Energy Power Partners and a third unnamed partner. Terms of the deal weren’t disclosed.

Wind Farm Receives 18 Billion Yen Loan From Japanese Banks
Development Bank of Japan and five regional banks will provide a total 18 billion yen ($191 million) loan for a wind power project in westernJapan.
Rumors of a Cheap-Energy Jobs Boom Remain Just That
The New York Times
These are good times for Libbey, a 125-year-old American glassmaker that nearly went bankrupt four years ago. The company’s shares have risen to almost $20 from below $1, sales of its tableware are at a record high, and its energy-intensive factories saved more than $5 million in 2012 as natural gas prices fell.
The State of Green Business 2013 (Posted February 12, 2013)

Can the US Get There from Here? (Posted February 6, 2013)

The Billion Euro Aviation Bonanza – Aviation’s Participation in the EU ETS (Posted January 22, 2013)

Power Forward: Why the World’s Largest Companies are Investing in Renewable Energy (Posted Dec. 11, 2012)

Stock Exchange Benchmark On Non-Financial Reporting Rules (Posted Dec. 6, 2012)

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