In today’s edition, plenty of politics in play, including in a NY Times guest column: “Carbon Tax Silence, Overtaken by Events” and two entries from The Hill: “Obama: Romney has ‘disdain’ for green energy” and “Romney’s campaign seeks energy jolt ahead of Tampa GOP convention”

Quote of the Day:

“This is really the fundamental linchpin for everything in our society, our economy, our quality of life. By deferring infrastructure upgrades, we are basically increasing the risk for the whole system.”

–Massoud Amin, a University of Minnesota professor and longtime electric industry analyst and consultant, in Gannett’s “The power grid: How secure are we?

Lead Stories

Carbon Tax Silence, Overtaken by Events
The New York Times
DON’T expect to hear much about climate change at the Republican and Democratic conventions.
**RKB – Contributor is Robert H. Frank, economics professor at the Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University. Promotes tax phase-in, after economic recovery.

Op-Ed: Carbon tax offers win-win-win
This time last year, Washington’s AAA credit rating was downgraded, as Congress held hostage an agreement on a debt ceiling increase while looking for a long-term debt reduction plan. A year later, not much has changed.
**RKB – And here we have: John M. Reilly, co-director for the Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a senior lecturer at MIT’s Sloan School of Management. Sebastian Rausch, an assistant professor of energy economics at ETH Zurich and contributes to research at the Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change at MIT.

Congress Must Act on Clean Energy                    
Pew Clean Energy Program Director Phyllis Cuttino on Huffington Post
In 2011, for the first time in several years, the United States led the world by investing more than $48 billion in clean energy. The clean energy sector represents one of the fastest-growing industries globally, with investment increasing more than 600 percent between 2004 and 2011 (excluding research and development).

Obama: Romney has ‘disdain’ for green energy
The Hill’s E2 Wire
President Obama says Mitt Romney “appears to have disdain” for renewable energy and predicts the presumptive GOP nominee would carry through with vows to end tax credits for wind power projects.

Romney’s campaign seeks energy jolt ahead of Tampa GOP convention
The Hill’s E2 Wire
Mitt Romney used the run-up to next week’s nominating convention to stage a high-profile rollout of his energy platform, seeking a political boost with a pro-drilling message that promises North American energy independence by 2020.

EU Nations Set September Talks on CO2 Law Change, Official Says
European Union governments are set to meet twice next month for talks about a change to the carbon law that would pave the way for a measure curbing oversupply of emission permits, according to an EU presidency official.  

Will Emissions Disclosure Mean Investor Pressure on Polluters?
The New York Times
A new financial tool developed by the investment firm South Pole Carbon, in partnership with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, provides greenhouse gas emissions profiles of more than 40,000 publicly listed companies. This index is aimed at encouraging greater disclosure from companies while, hopefully, also pushing investors to build more responsible portfolios.

China Seeks Mastery of Carbon Capture and Storage
Scientific American
Shenhua Group Corp., one of China’s coal giants, has built much of its success at the cost of climate change. Every year, the company digs hundreds of million of tons of coal out of the ground and sells this carbon-intensive energy source throughout China.

Only 2 percent of Canadians deny climate change
Press Release
Only two per cent of Canadians believe climate change is not occurring, a new important survey released today by IPAC-CO2 Research Inc. concluded.

Government ‘going backwards’ on climate change as emissions rise
Business Green
The government has been accused of “going backwards” with its carbon reduction ambitions, after new figures revealed emissions rose in 97 per cent of local authorities in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland in 2010.

The power grid: How secure are we?
Extreme weather is putting America’s power grid to the test, with a year-long run of violent storms and record heat battering a system built for fairer skies.


GreenGov Symposium
ACCO & White House Council on Environmental Quality
September 24-25, 2012

Carbon Forum North America
October 1-2, 2012
Washington, DC

Sustainability Summit – Innovation Challenge
October 9, 2012
New York

EMA  2012 Fall Meeting
**Keynote speaker is Richard Sandor
October 24 – October 26, 2012
Santa Monica, CA


Final Test Before California’s Cap-and-Trade Program Kicks Off
Next week’s scheduled practice auction of greenhouse gas allowances for California’s largest polluters will provide an important first look into how the state’s cap-and-trade program, a key element of the Global Warming Solutions Act (AB 32), will work going forward.

Commentary: Will cap and trade really kill jobs?
Sacramento Bee
Extraordinarily smart people at the California Air Resources Board have taken to using the term “leakage” as they go about devising the experimental cap and trade system for reducing greenhouse gases.

Natural Gas/Coal

Australia’s Victoria state bans coal seam gas ‘fracking’
Australia’s southeastern state of Victoria on Friday put a hold on hydraulic fracturing, a technique used to produce hard-to-reach gas deposits, and a halt on new coal seam gas exploration licenses.

Trading conference focuses on natural gas
San Antonio Express News
Energy industry leaders called Wednesday for policies that encourage natural gas production in the United States, saying during an industry trade show that restrictions on domestic energy supply threaten the nation’s economic and environmental health.

Heat but little light in coal vs gas
Financial Times
There were dramatic headlines last week over an apparent reversal in the momentum of battle between the most bitterly opposed capital groups in the US. I refer not to the presidential, or even Congressional electoral contests, but to the fight between the coal and coal-fired generation industry, and its opponents among the gas producers and gas-fired generators.

India energy crisis: import gas, says BCG
Financial Times
After the humiliation of last month’s power cuts, India faces the tricky conundrum of how to keep its lights on in future. The answer? Import gas, and lots of it, at least if a report out on Wednesday from Boston Consulting Group is to be believed.

Shale jobs attract interest from far away
Houston Chronicle
The Eagle Ford Shale is a job- creation machine, and the word has reached job hopefuls far from the South Texas oil play.


Weltec BioPower to Build Renewable-Fuel Plant in North Poland
Weltec BioPower GmbH, a German clean-power project developer, will start building a plant to generate renewable fuel from maize and manure in Poland.

Solar Flare-Up: Back Tax Roils U.S. Firms
The Wall Street Journal
U.S. businesses that bought solar panels made in China earlier this year are retroactively being hit with unexpected tax bills, as they find themselves caught in the middle of a trade fight between U.S. and Chinese manufacturers.

EU to Register U.S. Bioethanol, Indicating Tariff Threat
The European Union ordered its customs officials to register imports of U.S. bioethanol, underscoring the threat of EU tariffs on the shipments.

Bloomberg View: A Campaign Compromise on Wind Power
Wind power has emerged as one of the most clear-cut issues of the American political season. President Barack Obama wants to renew the technology’s soon-to-expire federal production tax credit. Mitt Romney, his Republican opponent, wants to let the credit lapse.


What’s Better? A Carbon Tax or Energy Subsidies?
Forbes Contributor
With all the debate about energy jobs, wind power tax breaks, and oil subsidies, it’s hard to see what federal incentives do for energy in America.


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