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Kenny Polcari, O’Neil Securities – Charting a Career

"Let me go and check this out. I'm either going to love (an intern job at the NYSE) or I'm going to hate it. If I hate it, OK, chalk it up to experience, but if I love it, it may change the course of my life. And, in fact, it changed the course of my life." Market...

John Lothian Newsletter: Donohue Agrees to Stay on as OCC Executive Chairman for Three Additional Years; High Frequency Traders Elbow Their Way Into the Currency Markets; Wall Street’s Insatiable Lust: Data, Data, Data

First Read Education Bits & Pieces Doug Ashburn, JLN Tomorrow we release the last of our Chicago series, Tayloe Draughon of Neurensic on machine learning for the futures industry. Later this week we begin releasing the videos from New York, beginning with Nasdaq...

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The Market’s Fear Gauge Is Signaling Trouble. What to Expect

The Market’s Fear Gauge Is Signaling Trouble. What to Expect

Observations & Insight Asma Awass has given her notice as editor of Options Discovery. We want to thank her for her great work. She is only 19 years old and was recruited by Alex Teng, who was a very hard act to follow. Alex recruited Asma from the UIC boxing...

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