Beckett’s Battle Continues

For the past two years we have told you about Beckett Ryba, the son of Mildred Ryba of the CME Group.  Beckett’s Battle continues and so does the fundraising efforts to find a cure for pediatric brain tumors and specifically the oncology clinic treating Beckett.

Last year you all helped Beckett raise $8,000 in the Run For Gus, a 5K run/1 mile walk that supports the oncology and neurosurgery clinics at the Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. His was the number one fundraising team.  This year he needs your help to meet his goal of $25,000 raised.

You can learn more and donate by going to

You can also see what we wrote the last two years at:

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Here is an update from Beckett’s mom Mildred:

Beckett  has been battling a benign, but inoperable brain tumor since he was 13 months old.  He is now 4 years old and still fighting.  He finished one year of chemo in June of 2012, with some slight shrinkage to the baseball-size tumor that is in his 3rd ventricle.  Although the solid mass of the tumor itself remained stable while off chemo, it grew a notably large cyst above the solid tumor that cause 3 shunt malfunctions.  Each malfunction resulting in a brain surgery to switch out all of the hardware in his head (shunt, valves, tubing, etc.).   Beckett started another year of chemo using different drug protocols than 2012 this past November of 2013.  So far the problematic cysts have disappeared and the solid part of the tumor shrunk slightly as of our last MRI in March.

Beckett just finished a year of 3-day-a-week preschool and is enjoying his summer.  He is on an aggressive therapy schedule where he has six different therapies each week but he still has time to take swimming lessons and enjoy the outdoors.  Beckett loves watching his beloved Cubs, anytime related to space, watching planes fly-by and being with his friends and family.

Please join us in supporting Beckett’s Battle.

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