Beckett Ryba

Beckett Ryba

From John J. Lothian:

Beckett Ryba, the son of Mildred Ryba of the CME Group, is a special young boy. Besides being a source of joy for his family and friends, what is special about Beckett is his brain tumor. Beckett, who is 26 months old, was diagnosed with an a benign, but inoperable brain tumor in May of last year.

So far so good for Beckett’s treatment. He has responded well to the chemo therapy that is almost done and the tumor has shrunk significantly. If the tumor’s growth can be controlled his prognosis is very good. Beckett is one of the lucky ones. Some children with pediatric brain tumors are so sick that they do not make it.

Beckett’s family would like to help make a difference in helping more children with this condition make it. So Beckett’s family and friends are participating in a “Run for Gus,”, a 5K/1 mile walk that supports the oncology and neurosurgery clinics at the Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago.

You can support the run, which is held in July of every year,by becoming a runner/walker on Beckett’s team, by becoming a corporate sponsor for the run in honor or Beckett, or by making a personal donation to the cause in Beckett’s name via the website.

The address is

You can also show your support by visiting the Beckett’s Battle Facebook page,

We are blessed in this industry. I ask you to share some of your blessings with Beckett’s family as they seek to help children like Beckett face pediatric brain tumors and make it through to a happy, healthy, joyful life.

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