Big volatility options trade points to mystery investor ’50 Cent’; Goldman Says Market Volatility Too Low as Sanders Rises in Polls

Jan 29, 2020

Lead Stories

Big volatility options trade points to mystery investor ’50 Cent’
April Joyner – Reuters
Large options trades some people have attributed to the mysterious investor known as “50 Cent” have become more profitable in recent days, as fears of the economic impact of the coronavirus injected volatility back into stock markets.

Goldman Says Market Volatility Too Low as Sanders Rises in Polls
Garfield Clinton Reynolds and Adam Haigh – Bloomberg
Investors unnerved by Elizabeth Warren’s rising poll numbers last year seem remarkably blase at the rising prospects for Bernie Sanders, according to Goldman Sachs Group Inc.’s global head of market strategies.
“The market thinks that his ability to win against Trump is significantly lower than Warren’s ability to win against Trump — even though there is nothing in the actual polls that would tell you that is right,” said Goldman’s Brian Friedman. The outcome is “as unknown and uncertain as ever. Vol is just too low.”

****JB: Bernie Bros…the latest in a long line of market boogeymen.

A Month After Launch, Bakkt Bitcoin Options Volumes Are Lackluster
Marie Huillet – CoinTelegraph
Little more than a month after their launch, Bitcoin (BTC) options contracts on the Intercontinental Exchange’s digital asset platform Bakkt appear to have seen sluggish uptake.
The latest available reports for the contract, Jan. 24 and Jan. 27, reveal that 11 days have elapsed since the last trade.

Bakkt’s bitcoin options saw zero volume last week
Yogita Khatri – The Block
Intercontinental Exchange (ICE)-owned Bakkt has seen a subdued performance of its recently launched bitcoin options. Last week, i.e., January 20-24, Bakkt saw zero trading volumes, according to data available on the ICE website. The last traded day for the options was January 17, when 20 lots got traded. However, according to data from Skew, Bakkt has seen no trading for its options in the last 10 days. This is because Skew has taken weekends as well into the picture; a more accurate way would be to look at trading days.

Exchanges and Clearing

Miami International Holdings Reports 2019 Trading Results, Market Share and Volume Records for MIAX Exchange Group
Miami International Holdings (MIH)
Miami International Holdings, Inc. (MIH) today reported the 2019 year-end trading activity for its three fully electronic options exchanges – MIAX, MIAX PEARL and MIAX Emerald (together, the MIAX Exchange Group), with MIAX PEARL, MIAX Emerald and the MIAX Exchange Group setting new market share and volume records over the course of the year.

New Product Summary: Initial Listing of GBP/USD, CAD/USD, JPY/USD, AUD/USD, and EUR/USD FX Weekly Monday Options – Effective February 24, 2020
CME Clearing
Initial Listing of GBP/USD, CAD/USD, JPY/USD, AUD/USD, and EUR/USD FX Weekly Monday Options.
For the full text of this advisory, please click here.


Here’s how one trader is hedging his portfolio amid all the market-moving headlines
Annie Pei – CNBC
It’s been a wild week for stocks amid a number of market-moving headlines. Most notably, stocks have rebounded after posting their worst day of the year so far on Monday as the coronavirus outbreak spooked investors. Now, with earnings season in full swing, Ascent Wealth Partners’ Todd Gordon thinks it’s time for investors to protect themselves against any potential pullback in the market.


Why Do Traders Fail?
Date: January 29 Time: 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Join Brian Benson as he discusses a number of pitfalls that can take retail traders out of the game. On the agenda will be the seven major reasons traders may fail. But, more importantly, this webinar will focus on what traders can do differently to help avoid these pitfalls and improve their chances for better long-term trading success.


Sixteen Leading Quants Imagine the Next Decade in Global Finance
Justina Lee – Bloomberg
Humans beating back the machines. Value rising from the dead. Factor funds dethroning the bond kings.
If the world’s top quants are right, get ready for another decade of disruption across investing strategies, business models and the very structure of markets.

The Biggest ESG Funds Are Beating the Market
Mathieu Benhamou, Emily Chasan and Saijel Kishan – Bloomberg
Nine of the biggest ESG mutual funds in the U.S. outperformed the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index last year, and seven of them beat their market benchmarks over the past five years. The $878 million Ave Maria Growth Fund was the top performer in 2019, followed by the $3.8 billion Calvert Equity Fund and the $4.9 billion Putnam Sustainable Leaders Fund. All three funds posted gains of more than 35%, compared with the S&P 500’s 31.5% with reinvested dividends. Morgan Stanley’s $3.9 billion Global Opportunity Portfolio and the $2.1 billion Brown Advisory Sustainable Growth Fund placed atop the rankings in the five-year period.

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