The newest star of the hit HBO series The Newsroom is not a geek, nor a brainy/hottie actress,  nor a former workout video star who made controversial choices during the Vietnam War era. The newest star is the Bloomberg terminal.

I am a big fan of the show from Aaron Sorkin about a fictional news organization. I love the star Jeff Daniels, the snappy dialogue, though there is a bit too much gender related tension in the show.  But hey, it is cable, so that is expected.  

This was not a product placement, according to Bloomberg, but a partnership from which both found mutual benefit.

Season three of The Newsroom kicked off last Sunday night, with a show titled “Boston.” The Newsroom likes to incorporate real events from the past into their stories, and this year started off with the Boston Marathon bombings.  It was a compelling story of the 100 hours after the race, until the police and FBI apprehended one suspect and killed the other.

A side story is the apparent attempted takeover of the company that owns the ACN network after the Olivia Munn character, currently dating NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers, uses the Bloomberg terminal to deduce a takeover is under way.

The Bloomberg terminal will be featured in three of the six episodes of The Newsroom in this the last season of the Sorkin produced show.  Here is a link for a video from Newsroom as the Terminal makes its debut on the show:

Munn’s character says at one point, “They finally got me one.”  The question I have is, how did she ever do her job before? She is just too smart to not have had one.

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