Sometimes it’s time to diversify.

Chris Hehmeyer formed a new firm called Hehmeyer Trading & Investments LLC that will expand into the managed futures and introducing broker space. The renamed company comes from his prior firm, HTG Capital Partners, which acquired Kottke & Associates in late 2016. The new name helps simplify things for Hehmeyer, who has integrated HTG’s proprietary trading operation along with Kottke’s commodity trading advisor and introducing broker business.

Hehmeyer, who serves as CEO of the the new entity, sees plenty of opportunity in the CTA business. He said there is an appetite for non-correlated investments and that managed futures are a good fit for investors. The firm is looking to expand into the so-called 40-Act space, or managed futures mutual funds. That actively managed sector has continued to grow and Hehmeyer aims to tap into it.  

The firm may also recruit proprietary trading talent as well, if there are synergies with its CTA business.

The company also inherited Kottke’s introducing brokerage business, which services CTAs as well as some floor traders in the agriculture markets.

Hehmeyer believes this is a good time for managed futures and for his firm to get diversified and creative with new products and services.    

“We think these products, being able to deliver managed futures products with equity returns, will enhance an investor’s return over the long term,” he said. “That’s something we’re really excited about delivering.”

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