Brendan Bradley Is No ESG Investing Dummy and He Has a Book to Prove It

Brendan Bradley, Author of ESG Investing for Dummies
John Lothian

John Lothian

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Veteran Derivatives Industry Professional and Venture Capital Investor Writes “ESG Investing for Dummies” Book

Brendan Bradley is no dummy, and he has two Dummy books to prove it. First he co-wrote “FinTech For Dummies.” Now he has written “ESG Investing For Dummies.” John Lothian News interviewed Bradley over Zoom about his new book and the ESG space. 

Using pandemic-induced time at home, the former Deutsche Boerse and Eurex executive decided he was one of the many people who thought they knew about ESG, or environmental, social and governance investing, but did not. So after digging Into research on the subject he decided to put his work to use and write a Dummies book.

Bradley, who is a co-founder of Seismic Foundry, which invests in fintech start-up firms, had put his considerable financial technology knowledge to use previously to write “FinTech For Dummies,” so “ESG Investing For Dummies” was a natural next level.

He talked to us about the growth possibilities for ESG products in the derivatives world, including whether the ESG indexes will get the liquidity that bigger related non-ESG indexes do. “Do you trade the S&P ESG index or just the S&P index?” he asked.

He also discussed the different ESG products that can be traded, including green bonds. And we asked him how fintech worked with ESG and who could benefit from reading the book.

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