Broadridge/RJO Deal Shakes up Post-Trade Business, Gives RJO a Single Platform to Grow its Burgeoning Global Business

John Lothian

John Lothian

Executive Chairman and CEO

R.J. O’Brien (“RJO”) recently announced a major post-trade technology deal with Broadridge to supply RJO with the technology to manage post-trade flows on a global basis. The blockbuster deal gives RJO newer technology to clear its exchange traded business as well as other asset classes globally, bringing all of RJO’s operations onto the same platform for the first time. 

This brings new competition to the post-trade space, which has been dominated by a duopoly for many years. RJO has been on GMI and Sungard since 1988.

John Lothian interviewed RJO Chief Operating Officer Terrence Gilhooly and Broadridge’s Justin Llewellyn-Jones over Zoom to discuss this deal and find out why RJO chose Broadridge and how Broadridge made the sale.

Lothian asked Gilhooly what Broadridge brought to RJO that RJO did not currently have with its present providers. He asked where RJO’s business is headed, as represented by this deal. He asked Jones about when Broadridge first pushed into the exchange traded derivatives space, how it uses the cloud, and what industry standards it is intending to set with its newer technology.

Here is the John Lothian News interview with RJO Chief Operating Officer Terrence Gilhooly and Broadridge’s Justin Llewellyn-Jones.

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