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Broadridge’s Justin Llewellyn-Jones Highlights AI and Multi-Asset Trading Evolution at FIA Expo

Nov 14, 2023

John Lothian

John Lothian

Executive Chairman and CEO

At the FIA Expo 2023, Justin Llewellyn-Jones of Broadridge, in a video interview with John Lothian News, detailed the significant strides in trade processing technology, emphasizing the role of AI and the shift towards multi-asset trading platforms. He noted the dramatic increase in automation over the last two decades, from algorithmic trading to the integration of advanced analytics and now the burgeoning influence of generative AI and machine learning.

Llewellyn-Jones touched on the data-driven nature of modern trading processes, where insights derived from both front and post-trade data are used to inform and enhance order execution strategies. He highlighted the importance of AI models and machine learning in creating a seamless operational flow across various stages of trading, from the front office to clearing.

Llewellen-Jones said the most interesting AI tool he saw at the conference was Ops GPT, a post-trade AI tool designed to understand and interact with natural language commands. This development showcases the potential of AI to streamline and augment the post-trade environment.

On the topic of interoperability, Llewellyn-Jones underscored the value of integrated systems that allow for comprehensive audit trails and real-time risk management. He also shed light on the industry’s push towards multi-asset platforms, which consolidate different asset classes into one operational interface, enhancing efficiency and empowering traders to manage more with less.

The conversation at the FIA Expo with Llewellyn-Jones provided a good look at the evolving landscape of trade processing, where AI, machine learning, and multi-asset capabilities are leading the charge toward a more interconnected and intelligent trading ecosystem.

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Celebrating Independence and Competition: A Fourth of July Reflection

Celebrating Independence and Competition: A Fourth of July Reflection

We just celebrated the Fourth of July holiday and JLN continued its annual tradition of publishing the Declaration of Independence. I have always loved the beginning of the second paragraph:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. 

As a writer who advocates for market-based solutions, I believe certain market principles to be self-evident. I hold that markets should be open, transparent, and fair. These were the values that the open outcry futures markets I grew up with strived for every day, in every session and trade. These values produced the critical concept of price, which was the most powerful news imaginable. They gave the markets and their prices integrity, instilling in traders a way of life that transcended the action of the trading pit. From this openness, transparency, fairness, and integrity came a greatness that spread throughout the world as different financial communities embraced derivatives trading.

Clear Street’s Bold Move: Former Cboe Chairman & CEO Ed Tilly Joins Fintech to Revolutionize Clearing and Custody Systems

Clear Street’s Bold Move: Former Cboe Chairman & CEO Ed Tilly Joins Fintech to Revolutionize Clearing and Custody Systems

Clear Street, a fintech startup founded in 2018, is making waves in the financial services industry with its ambitious plan to revolutionize clearing and custody infrastructure and its big-name hiring of former Cboe Global Markets Chairman and CEO Ed Tilly. In an interview with John Lothian News, CEO Chris Pento and President-Designate Tilly outlined the company’s vision and progress.

The New York-based firm has set out to tackle a problem that has long plagued Wall Street and its LaSalle Street sibling: outdated clearing systems. “We started with the belief that the infrastructure operating most brokerages across the street was running on old, archaic infrastructure,” Pento said. 

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Williams Bay, WI (JLN) – Describing Joe Biden’s debate performance last week, New Yorker Editor David Remnick quoted Mark Twain, writing, “It is sad to go to pieces like this, but we all have to do it.”

I can identify with that quote. Some of my physical health issues are like those of President Biden, and last week the degradation of my physical abilities caused me to miss my connection between London and Chicago.

The health issues I share with President Biden include obstructive sleep apnea, gastroesophageal reflux, seasonal allergies, spinal arthritis and peripheral neuropathy in the feet.

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