Bryan Harkins, Co-Founder of Rides FAR, Announces Chicago Ride in JLN Video on Fundraising for Autism Research

Jnn interview with bryan hakkins.
John Lothian

John Lothian

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In a recent video interview with John Lothian News, Bryan Harkins, co-founder of Wall Street Rides FAR, discussed the journey and impact of the fundraising event for the Autism Science Foundation (ASF). During the interview, Harkins announced that the Rides FAR event would expand to Chicago next year and that the organization has been renamed to Rides FAR to represent its multi-city nature. 

Harkins, who recently left Trumid, shared the personal connection that initially drew him and his wife to the Autism Science Foundation and described his journey of becoming involved with ASF and the sense of purpose it brought to his life.

Reflecting on the event’s history, Harkins highlighted the remarkable progress Wall Street Rides FAR has made from its modest origins of just a handful of riders. The event has evolved significantly, attracting more participants and support over the years.

The interview also addressed the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the ride. Harkins candidly discussed how the pandemic had both positive and negative impacts on the event, detailing the challenges faced and the adaptability displayed by the team.

Harkins provided valuable insights into the Autism Science Foundation’s mission and where the funds raised through Wall Street Rides FAR are directed. He emphasized the importance of supporting autism research through ASF’s initiatives.

When asked for specific examples of research projects funded by ASF, Harkins shared details that showcased the real-world impact of the contributions made through the event, including one that researches siblings and another around early intervention. These examples illustrated the concrete outcomes of fundraising efforts.

Harkins highlighted the Rides FAR event as a vital fundraising effort for ASF and said the funds raised play a significant role in supporting autism research, underlining the event’s importance in advancing the cause.

Harkins also gave an overview of his professional commitments and contributions beyond Rides FAR.

Finally, the interview included details about the upcoming ride on September 30th and  where to get additional information, namely the website. Harkins encouraged participation and support for the cause, inviting everyone to join the effort in advancing autism research.

Bryan Harkins’ interview with John Lothian News shed light on the inspiring journey of Rides FAR and its pivotal role in supporting the Autism Science Foundation’s mission. It offered a glimpse into the event’s evolution, its resilience during challenging times, and its dedication to making a meaningful impact in the field of autism research.

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