from FIA/SFOA Bürgenstock 2014

In yesterday’s commentary, I mentioned the fifth anniversary of the 2009 Pittsburgh Summit, in which the G-20’s finance heads set the table for the financial regulatory overhaul in which we are embroiled to this day. This is not, however, the only notable milestone from this week:

– Daily readers of JLN know that part of the reason I am in Europe this week is because my wife and I are celebrating our upcoming 25th anniversary. What readers may not know, however, is that Cheryl and John Lothian celebrate their 25th this week as well. Rumor has it they spent their special day at a high school band concert.

Russell InvestmentsPat Fay and his wife Joann (one of the only other spouses here this week) are celebrating their 30th.

– Our co-hosts, the Swiss Futures and Options Association (SFOA), is celebrating its 35th Anniversary, as well as the 35th anniversary of the Bürgenstock conference.

Speaking of the SFOA, this conference marked the passing of the torch from Otto Nägeli to Dan Day-Robinson. Nägeli is not riding off, clad in lederhosen, into the Alpine sunset, though – he still retains his chairmanship of CME Europe

I cannot count how many times my favorite panel of the day has been the most thought-provoking and dynamic, but also the most poorly attended because it was the last one of the day. Wednesday’s final panel, “The Future of Non-exchange Trading Platforms,” was no exception. The panelists and their respective firms represent all that is forward looking, dynamic and disruptive in our industry. Non-coincidentally, the panel was mostly comprised of speakers at our upcoming London education event – Fidessa‘s inimitable Steve Grob led the show, with panelists Hirander Misra of GMEX, NLX‘s Charlotte Crosswell, and BATS Chi-X Europe CEO Mark Hemsley, who was slated as one of our speakers but has since had to cancel due to a scheduling conflict.

Finally, if there was one overarching theme of this year’s conference, it would be that, after the initial stab at a global regulatory overhaul, the ball is inching forward, but the goal is a long way down field with numerous obstacles (but also opportunities) ahead.

But isn’t that always the theme?

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