Baltimore-based Campbell & Co. has grown into one of the top managed futures firms in the world over the past 40-plus years. Tracy Wills-Zapata, managing director, business development at Campbell spoke with Jim Kharouf, JLN editor-in-chief about how the firm approaches the markets, how it attracts clients and its recent entry into the managed futures mutual fund space.

She outlines the firm’s quantitative modeling approach and how it builds teams of mathematicians, scientists, economists and engineers to build trading strategies for its clients. This mix and match of talents has served the firm well. It currently has about $3 billion of assets under management and offers several programs as well as customized money management services for clients. Campbell’s chairman Keith Campbell, who co-founded the firm with his brother in 1972, received the Managed Futures Pinnacle Achievement Award from the CME Group and BarclayHedge in June for his work in the managed futures space.

While Campbell is a well known name in the industry, the firm sees room to grow its business. In the managed futures mutual funds area, Campbell & Co. recently launched its first 40 Act fund with Equinox Fund Management. Launched in March, the fund is called the Equinox Campbell Strategy Fund.

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