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Cboe Digital, the rebranded ErisX, Leads with a Familiar Model | John Lothian News

Cboe Digital, the rebranded ErisX, Leads with a Familiar Model

John Lothian

John Lothian

Executive Chairman and CEO

John Palmer is the head of Cboe Digital, the rebranded ErisX. JLN caught up with Palmer at the recent FIA EXPO 2022 in Chicago to ask him about Cboe Digital and the general state of the crypto markets and industry, which were rocked by the implosion of FTX and related companies. 

We asked Palmer about the panel at EXPO he was on, which he said, “went great.”  He said the question for the panel was,  How does the industry move forward after the recent events?

JLN asked Palmer why Cboe Digital uses an intermediated model, while others in the industry use a disintermediated model. He said it is easier to submit a proposal to the CFTC for something they are familiar with, and the same is true for customers, giving them an experience they are used to. 

We asked him about the interest in crypto from the institutional investing crowd. Palmer said that at a high level, the adoption of crypto by institutional investors is very positive.

JLN also spoke to Palmer about the status of Cboe Digital’s application for margin-based futures on crypto assets. He said he believes they are in the end stage.

Palmer spoke about the market environment after the FTX implosion that has caused a fog over the industry. Palmer expects regulatory progress to come from the FTX collapse.

Lastly, he spoke about the letter that Cboe Digital published after FTX collapsed. 

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