JLN Options: CBOE Holdings, Inc : Russell announces exclusive agreements with NYSE Euronext and CBOE Holdings for Russell U.S. index options

Mar 8, 2013

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CBOE Holdings, Inc : Russell announces exclusive agreements with NYSE Euronext and CBOE Holdings for Russell U.S. index options
Press Release (NYSE Euronext)
Russell Investments today announced that NYSE Euronext, one of the world’s premier exchange operators and technology innovators and home of the NYSE Amex and NYSE Arca exchanges, and CBOE Holdings, Inc., home of Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE), the creator of listed options and leader in index options trading volume, will trade Russell U.S. Index-based options exclusively.
**Options on the Russell Indexes were previously traded at a number of U.S. options exchanges. — SR

I Shall Call You ‘Mini Options’
Adam Warner, Schaeffer’s Research
Number Two: These options are exactly like you in every way, except one-eighth the size.
Dr. Evil: Breathtaking. I shall call them “Mini Options.”
Okay, Dr. Evil isn’t actually hatching a new plan to extort $1 beeee-illion from options market makers. I mean, why hold them up for $1 billion when you can try to earn $1 million off them? And it’s the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE), not Dr. Evil. But hey, the plot does sound familiar…

Options Traders Bet Emerging Markets Fund Is Headed Higher
Kaitlyn Kiernan, The Wall Street Journal
Some options traders are betting market strength knows no borders, with investors calling for a continued rise in a popular fund tracking emerging markets.

Exchange Traded Derivatives Trading Volumes Decrease 15% In 2012
ETF Daily News
For the first time since 2004, the number of Exchange Traded Derivatives (ETD) worldwide decreased in 2012 by 15% to 21 billion, according to statistics compiled by the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE).

Fed Tests Show 17 of 18 Banks Weathering Severe Slump
Craig Torres & Joshua Zumbrun, Bloomberg
The Federal Reserve said 17 of the 18 largest U.S. banks could withstand a deep recession and maintain capital above a regulatory minimum, a sign of how higher standards and supervisory prodding are strengthening the financial system.


NSE introduces new scheme to arrive at strike prices of stock options (India)
Business Standard
The National Stock Exchange (NSE) today said it would introduce new strikes on an intra-day basis, according to a new scheme it plans to introduce for stock option contracts.


CFTC approves contentious CME reporting rule
Anish Puaar, The Trade
The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has approved a rule in CME Group’s rulebook that compels market participants to report the trades cleared through the US derivatives bourse to its data repository.

CFTC decision on swaps reporting unlikely to settle the issue
The CFTC’s latest decision on the swaps reporting rules is unlikely to be the end of the debate, says Galen Stops.

More asset freezes likely in insider-trading probes – Khuzami
Nate Raymond, Thomson Reuters
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission will likely bring more cases seeking to freeze assets after detecting suspicious activity that looks like insider trading, according to the agency’s former director of enforcement.

A U.S. derivatives broker’s 10-year grudge ends, with big penalties
Karen Brettell, Thomson Reuters
Old grudges can die hard, particularly in the world of derivatives trading and brokerage. A judgment delivered by the New York State Supreme Court this week showed that sometimes they can also be costly.


Using Big Data to Combat Big Risk 
Andrew Waxman, Advanced Trading
Everyone is talking about the use of “big data” these days and so now is a good time to reflect on the potential uses of big data by different industries and policy makers to solve some of their long standing issues. Here we look at how banks and regulators can use the principles of “big data” to solve some problems — like how to identify traders who are taking undue risks, or investment salesmen who are fronting a Ponzi scheme.

Fenics partners with Traiana for post-trade connectivity
Miriam Siers, FX-Week
Fenics Software will use Traiana’s Harmony network to connect its clients to trade repositories and central counterparties as mandatory reporting and clearing looms.

DOW At Record High; Are You Protected? Dow Jones Industrial Average 2 Minute, S&P 500 Index
George Leong, ETF Daily News
While the global economy is improving, the catalyst for the upward move in stocks has largely been the easy monetary policy worldwide that has resulted in a low-interest-rate environment and the search for alternative investments other than low-yield bonds.

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