This year’s elections for the board of directors of the National Futures Association is underway. John Lothian News spoke with several of the candidates, including commodity trading advisor and Commodity Customer Coalition co-founder James Koutoulas, who looked at reforming the association when first elected to the board two years ago.

Koutoulas, CEO of Typhon Capital Management, founded the CCC along with John Roe in the wake of the MF Global bankruptcy in October 2011. Roe and Koutoulas were elected to the NFA in 2013, representing the CTA/CPO category, and now face re-election in a contested election. Koutoulas is running in a three-way race against George Berbeco and Bernard Denis, III.

“I want to finish the job John and I did with the CCC in protecting customers, and making sure things like MF Global and PFG don’t happen again,” says Koutoulas. “It’s really a general push toward having checks and balances in corporate governance there.”

Koutoulas,  would like to see a more fair and transparent process for the selection of independent directors to the NFA board, as well as a more equitable balance between buy-side and sell-side representation on the board.

He is also a proponent of a streamlined document review process, which could include a standardization of portions of CTA/CPO disclosure documents.

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