As many of my longtime readers may recall, I am a lifelong Chicago Cubs fan.  You have not read much about this for several years as I have not had much to crow about for a long time.

Longtime readers will also remember that I once wrote that every man has his price and that mine is tickets to a Chicago Cubs World Series game.  I have not had to worry about sacrificing my ethics since the 2003 season when the Cubs were five games away from their first World Series since 1945.

The Chicago Cubs this year find themselves in a familiar position, last place in their division and one of the losingest teams in baseball.  August was a bright spot with a 16 win and 13 loss record, but the rest of the year was pretty dim.

Near the end of this season, though, there are glimmers of hope.  The Cubs have brought up some young heralded players from their minor leagues who seem to have the potential to help turn the team around from their losing ways.  Their rookie pitcher Kyle Hendricks, brought up after they traded former Notre Dame football player and now major league pitcher Jeff Samardzija, was just named pitcher of the month.

The 22-year old Cuban Jorge Soler, whom they signed a couple of years ago to a 9-year $30 million contract, has put up record batting numbers in his first seven games.  Javier Baez, an infielder, hit a homerun in his first game as a Cub, something Soler did on the very first swing he took in the major leagues.

As you can see, I am starting to believe the Cubs are turning things around.  They are doing this with rookies and young players, not has-beens who have bounced from team to team or high priced free agents.  They have rebuilt their minor leagues into one of the best in baseball.  I think the Cubs are building a good young team that can play together and compete for the next 10 years.  We will see if they can ever get to the World Series and put my ethics at risk.

Now, what does all of this have to do with a media company focused on the markets?  I believe the next generation of traders and industry professionals are the ones, just like the Cubs rookies, that are going to take this industry and these markets to the next level of success.  

Because of this belief, we launched MarketsWiki Education last year. Because of this belief this year we transformed MarketsWiki Education into a wiki site, joining MarketsWiki and MarketsReformWiki, to help anyone interested in the markets learn more about them.

Our MarketsWiki World of Opportunity events are aimed at helping people everywhere learn about the markets — not just in Chicago, New York, London, Paris, Frankfurt or Singapore. Our target is anywhere in the world where people are interested in market-based solutions and organized marketplaces. And we already know that is a global audience.

On our MarketsWiki site, the third ranked country in terms of visitors to the site is India.  Singapore ranks sixth in terms of visitors and Hong Kong is seventh.

On our site, India ranks fourth, Singapore seventh, Hong Kong eighth and Sweden tenth.

India comes in at number three again on MarketsReformWiki, with Singapore seventh, Hong Kong eighth and Japan ninth.

Our plan for is to aggregate quality educational video and other electronic resources on the site, to organize as much of the quality video content we can find and make it easily accessible in a familiar wiki interface.  Even our MarketsWiki Education Logo should look familiar to MarketsWiki users.

MarketsWiki Education is not about getting rich quick.  No schemes.  No “hot investments” or newsletters to buy. It will feature information that goes beyond the 101 level that is available about the markets and how to trade them.

We will include material we produce, as well as outsourced information we believe will be beneficial to the next (and current) generation of traders and industry professionals.  

This week we launched, featuring all of the MarketsWiki World of Opportunity and Summer Intern Education Series videos from the last two years.  Our video from our upcoming London series will be available starting at the end of October.  And we will keep building from there.

Like the Chicago Cubs’ recent rebuilding,  we aim to help rebuild this industry and our markets focused on talented new participants, educated young people — a new generation of traders and industry professionals.  Like the Cubs, we have a long way to go, but we see nothing but a world of opportunity in front of us.

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