Love of the Chicago Cubs is a generational phenomenon and that was never clearer as when the Chicago Cubs claimed the National League pennant and advanced to the World Series for the first time in 71 years. The Cubs are going to the World Series!

In what seems like a prayer, my father who is in heaven, is smiling down on us about the Cubs win. He was a loyal Cubs fan until he passed away the week before the Cubs were in the playoffs back in 2003.

When the Cubs won Saturday night, I immediately thought of my father. I thought of my son Tim, who is a diehard Cubs fan, and who was wearing my dad’s Cubs jersey during the game. I thought of my son Robby, a high school baseball player himself and my daughter, who was a very good softball player back in her tween years. I kissed my wife after the win.

My father became a Cubs fan after moving to Chicago in the 1950s from Cleveland. And the Cubs now face the Cleveland Indians in the World Series.

My children, wife and I all get to see the Cubs in the World Series for the first time, and hopefully win the World Series for the first time since 1908.

My mother could not get the clinching game on the television, so she listened to it on a radio cradled in her lap.

The television coverage of the game seemed fixated on finding elderly people in the stands at Wrigley Field. And there were youngsters there too. This was a game for the ages, for grandpa, grandma and grandson.

I am the son, husband, nephew, cousin, brother, in-law, and father of Cub fans. I bleed Cubby blue, as they say.

I cried when the Cubs won. I cried harder when I thought of my dad and his love of the Cubs. This game and this team has a hold on me and my family. In the dire days of 2014, before the Cubs started to win, I wrote about them and the brighter future I saw.

In that article I named Kyle Hendricks and Javier Baez as examples of bright spots in the Cubs future. Baez was co-MVP of the series and Hendricks threw one of the greatest games ever in a clinching game. Baez is all of 23 and Hendricks 26. Twenty-two year old Addison Russell also had a lot to do with the Cubs winning the series.

Young talent, with some veteran help, turned the Cubs around. They have more work to do.

The Cubs are just four wins away from rewarding generations of fans for their faith and support of the Cubs.

Faith is still believing when you can’t see it. Now we are seeing it, and can’t believe it. It is one for all the ages.


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