CHICAGO, November 4, 2011 – Today, CME Group continued to successfully transfer additional MF Global U.S. customer positions and CME Clearing-held collateral to other qualified clearing firms.  The remaining customer segregated positions are expected to be transferred by the end of the day, completing the total transfer of customer positions at CME Group exchanges in approximately 15,000 MF Global accounts and approximately $1.45 billion in associated clearing collateral, as approved by the Trustee and bankruptcy court.

Receiving commodity brokers for these transfers are responsible for notifying customers as to the new commodity broker for their accounts.

These transfers do not include any warehouse receipts, certificates or warrants, which remain part of the assets under administration by the Trustee.  Receipts/certificates and warrants not available for delivery as of November 4, 2011 due to the MF Global bankruptcy are summarized by issuing facility in the Deliverable Commodities Under Registration Reportand the Warehouse and Depository Stocks reports.

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