Another nice piece by Paul Krugman Sunday in the New York Times in today’s Lead Stories. I was at a cancer fund raiser this past weekend and got into a discussion with a two guests about global warming and cap-and-trade. One said he didn’t believe in global warming – that somehow CO2 is a natural phenomenon that comes from volcanos and other sources. He didn’t let me finish my argument that it also comes from digging up and burning coal and other fossil fuels. The other person said he didn’t like cap-and-trade becuase it’d raise his restaurant’s energy bills substantially – even citing the $1,700 a year study that has been largely debunked by people, such as the MIT author who’s watched his work get twisted and distorted by conservatives. He was genuinely surprised by the story that George H.W. Bush’s signed off on the Clean Air Act of 1990, and the success of the SO2 and NOx cap-and-trade programs. What is missing, as I’ve said many times, is just some solid education and delivery of the facts about global warming and the cap-and-trade mechanism. What is also often missing from the Democrats push for cap-and-trade and new energy agenda is the fact that the U.S. and every other country is in the midst of a massive energy efficiency race. Even climate deniers should be able to see that global trend, but alas, many are tunneled in on more oil drilling as a solution.
Even the vague promises of CO2 reductions from China last week reaffirmed another vital trend – that China is jumping into the renewable space in a big way. The UK and other European countries have also embraced and invested in this space. They are signaling some policy certainty to the marketplace while the US continues to leave this issue open, vague and undecided. I may never get those two people to change their views but that does not mean we shouldn’t try to spell out the facts to as many people as possible so they can make a more educated choice.

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