John Lothian News Correspondent Julie Ros caught up with Contango CEO Clive Furness right after he had moderated a panel at FIA IDX London 2023 called “The Great Debate.” The debate was on the question of whether AI will spell the end of our markets as we know them. Furness said the two “fantastic” teams debated with much humor. The motion was defeated, meaning the house did not believe AI would end markets as we know them. Nevertheless, there are still important questions that need to be addressed, Furness said. 

Ros also asked Furness about the changes seen in commodities markets since the beginning of the Ukraine war. He mentioned “intense” volatility that has since calmed down to some extent, but said long term high volatility will likely continue. She also asked him about his general outlook for commodities, and what bright spots are out there, as well as his thoughts on ESG in the commodities space. 

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