CQG Leadership Addresses the State of the Second Half and Industry Trends at FIA EXPO

CQG's Ryan Moroney and Pat Kenny at FIA EXPO
John Lothian

John Lothian

Executive Chairman and CEO


John Lothian News conducted an exclusive video interview at the FIA’s EXPO in Chicago with CQG President Ryan Moroney and Senior Vice President Pat Kenny. The interview delved into the current state of CQG and explored industry trends, shedding light on the company’s strategic direction.

As the discussion began, Moroney and Kenny addressed the performance of the second half of the year for CQG. Kenny said, “Everything has been a little higher, higher, higher, over the last two or three years.”

“The second half looks great. I think it just leads to next year and what might happen next year for CQG to be even better,” Kenny said. 

Moroney said volumes are doing so well, CQG’s all-time highs are normal for the firm now. 

JLN asked about the client base driving the upsurge in trading volume.  “Growing for us has been retail specifically,” Moroney said. “We play in all those buckets. So we have institutional customers, we have pro tail, we have kinda the prop guys. Retail has been a very fast growing area for us.”

Moroney noted that retail clients are trading smaller micro and mini contracts. Kenny noted there is increasing interest in the electronic agricultural markets. 

The two men also discussed how CQG is addressing the challenges faced by clients.  Risk was the first thing Moroney mentioned, both pre-trade and post-trade. 

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) within CQG’s platform was another focal point of the interview. CQG has been investing in research and development of AI for the past nine months, Moroney said. The firm has a number of prototypes that will come into service next year, he said. 

The conversation concluded with an update on CQG’s suite of execution technologies.  This is the group working on the AI products, Moroney said. 


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