Crash or Soar? Traders Are Preparing for Stock Market Extremes; Bitcoin Becomes More Volatile Than Ether as Halving Approaches

Apr 1, 2024

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Options Discovery Episode 31: Technical and Fundamental Analysis in Options; Bret Kenwell, Options Analyst at eToro, Discusses This and More With JLN’s Asma Awass.

In this episode of Options Discovery, Asma Awass discusses technical and fundamental analysis in options. This episode includes a breakdown of why price movements are essential to technical analysis and why intrinsic value is the main indicator in fundamental analysis. Asma then sits down with Bret Kenwell, an options trader at eToro, who shares more insight into these two types of analysis. You can check out eToro here:

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Technical and Fundamental Analysis in Options; Bret Kenwell, Options Analyst At eToro, Discusses Options Analysis Strategies In This Options Discovery Full Interview

In this Options Discovery full interview, Asma Awass speaks with Bret Kenwell, an Options Analyst at eToro. Bret addresses a variety of topics from his career, including his background in financial journalism. He gives more insight into the different kinds of technical analysis, technical indicators, and price trends. Bret also talks about the basics of fundamental analysis and the influencers behind it. You can check out eToro here:

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Crash or Soar? Traders Are Preparing for Stock Market Extremes; Options buyers bet on broad equities swings, not minor moves; ‘A lot of concern of potential black swan events’: Cboe’s Xu
Carly Wanna and Natalia Kniazhevich – Bloomberg
Investors who just booked profits from one of the strongest first quarters for the S&P 500 Index in decades are preparing for what comes next — whether that’s stocks climbing higher or crashing back to earth.
With the stock market sitting at an all-time high as the second quarter begins, the tells for what traders are thinking lie in the options market. Demand for put options that pay off if there’s a minor correction is around the lowest in years. Meanwhile, traders are quietly picking up tail-risk hedges: instruments that do little if there’s a slight downdraft but offer protection if stocks swing wildly.

Bitcoin Becomes More Volatile Than Ether as Halving Approaches
Omkar Godbole – CoinDesk
Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency by market value and trading volumes, is supposed to be relatively steady compared to other digital assets, protecting a trader’s portfolio from wild swings in the broader market. However, bitcoin has been more volatile than ether {{ETH}} recently. Bitcoin’s annualized 30-day historical or realized volatility rose to nearly 60% late last week, surpassing ether’s 30-day realized volatility by nearly 10 percentage points. That’s the highest spread in at least a year, according to data tracked by Paris-based Kaiko. Historical volatility indicates the degree of price turbulence observed over a specific period.


SGX RegCo requires regulatory clearance on the appointment of Mr. Cao Shixuan, former director of ecoWise Holdings Limited 01 Apr 2024
Category: Public Regulatory Statements Singapore Exchange Regulation (SGX RegCo) refers to the Notice of Compliance issued to ecoWise Holdings Limited on 25 June 2021 and the company’s announcement dated 28 March 2024 on the findings of the special audit by the special auditor, Ernst & Young Advisory Pte Ltd (“EY”). EY reports the findings directly to SGX RegCo and the company’s relevant sponsors during the relevant period.
Background: On 14 June 2021, the company announced the group’s financial results for the half-year ended 30 April 2021 (“1HFY2021 Results”). The announcement indicated that the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Chairman, Mr. Lee Thiam Seng (“Mr. Lee”) did not agree to the release of the 1HFY2021 Results and therefore, did not provide his confirmation on the accuracy of the financial statements as required under the Listing Rules. SGX RegCo queried the company on the announcement on the same day.

Euronext Publishes 2023 Annual Report

Regulation & Enforcement

Exchange-Traded FX Derivatives May Be Hit by New RBI Regulation
Subhadip Sircar, Saikat Das, and Ashutosh Joshi – Bloomberg
India’s central bank is said to have confirmed that exchange-traded currency derivative contracts linked to the rupee can only be offered for hedging purposes after confusion that unhedged trades were allowed for positions below $100 million. The regulator clarified to the Commodity Participants Association of India in a March 28 email that anyone undertaking such contracts involving the rupee without an underlying exposure would be in violation of foreign exchange rules, according to people familiar with the matter. They asked not to be identified as the email isn’t public.


Options Insider Radio Interviews: Talking 0 DTE, Bitcoin Options, 1-Day VIX and More with Cboe Global Markets
Options Insider Radio Interviews
On this episode Mark sits down with Cathy Clay, Head of Global Derivatives at Cboe Global Markets. Mark and Cathy talk aboutWhat’s next for 0 DTE options? Will we ever be able to trade 1-day VIX? Do we need to launch cash-settled equity options before we launch Tesla and Nvidia 0DTE options?

Creating an 11% “Dividend” on AMZN Stock Using Options
Gavin McMaster – Barchart
Amazon (AMZN) stock has long been a favorite of option traders and the stock has been on a great run since October last year. The stock is currently above the 20, 50 and 200-day moving averages. One bad thing about AMZN stock is that it doesn’t pay a dividend. But what if we could use options to manufacture our own dividend? Amazon Stock Dividend? Let’s say I have $18,000 to invest into AMZN stock, I could simply buy some shares and hope the stock rises. But, if I want a more conservative play, I could sell a March 21, 2025 put with a strike price of $180 and set aside the $18,000 in case I am assigned on the short put. That $180-strike put generates around $1,820 in option premium in just under 12 months. So, my $18,000 investment into AMZN is giving me an 11.57% annualized “dividend”.


The Canadian Annual Derivatives Conference will be held in Montreal, May 22-23, 2024, at the Le Westin Montreal Hotel. Learn more and register HERE.~SAED


Meme stocks are back in fashion. Here’s how to find one.
Dan DeFrancesco – Business Insider
It’s April Fool’s, which might explain the joke the market is playing on us with the return of meme stocks. Three years after GameStop upended things, meme stocks are back in fashion.

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