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I didn’t really want to enter into the heated discussion about which charity “owns” the Ice Bucket Challenge (IBC) because most charities and their staff/volunteers do fantastic work. However, because of the short lived nature of this opportunity to raise serious funds for the MND Association I feel the need to put just a gentle toe in the water.

I have lost friends to cancer. I have friends currently fighting against cancer. They deserve all the help and support they can get. I will continue to support cancer charities in the future. They are marvellous charities.

But this time it was, and for a brief period will hopefully continue to be, MND ‘s turn to have its moment in the sun. Despite protestations from other charities the huge momentum behind the IBC came from supporters of the ALS Association in the USA. Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerbberg, George Bush and numerous sports stars did not do it in support of other charities, they did it for ALS.

And ALS = MND in the UK.

The different designation and competition from other charities has dramatically diluted the effect for the MND Association. To put it in perspective, yesterday Macmillan was showing it had raised £250,000 through the Ice Bucket Challenge. MND supporters on Twitter were delighted that its IBC Just Giving page had reached just £30,000. (It’s probably more than that because money is coming in other directions, but that is just illustrative.)

So if you are doing the Challenge this week-end, please make it clear which charity you are doing it for. I hope it will be for the MND Association. It will mean a lot to me and our family and more importantly help find a cure for this horrible disease and care for people living with it.

And for any of those getting fed up with it, it won’t last much longer! Cheers!

You can donate at my dedicated fund raising page for the MNDA or the Just Giving page for the IBC

or text ICED55 £10 to 70070


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