Dear Friends O’ the ‘Stache,

Sarah Rudolph

Sarah Rudolph

Managing Editor

From Derek Sammann, CME Group

Believe it or not, it’s that time of year again when I’d like to invite you all to join me and my “Chicago Mustache Exchange” team mates in changing the face of men’s health!  Using the power of the humble mustache, we’re again taking the fight to Prostate Cancer, Testicular Cancer and Mental Health.  Over the course of “Movember”, I have committed to growing hair on my upper lip for the third time in my 48 years on this planet (having broken hallowed ground on this over the last 2 years…!). I’m breaking my own personal rule of no facial hair, but if there was ever a reason to break that rule, this is clearly it!

In exchange for me looking like a very poor resemblance of 80’s Tom Selleck/70’s Burt Reynolds, I’d like to ask for your financial support for me and my “Chicago Mustache Exchange” team mates in this year’s effort.  To help me in this worthy cause, please visit my “Mo Space” donation page at: .  I’ve already kicked off this year’s fundraising campaign by priming the pump myself, so please take a moment to visit my donation page to help me out in raising funds for this fantastic cause and posting a message!  As we kick off this year’s effort, here is my starting point this morning:


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