In this edition, Bloomberg reports Deutsche Bank Says Co-CEO Fitschen Subject of CO2 Probe and The Wall Street Journal has Japan, Australia to Test Carbon Capture Method and The Hill features Sen. Lugar shakes up gas-export battle.

Quote of the Day:

“It does not take anything away from oil or gas or pipelines, as some other proposals would do. Why not have a predictable, clear, long-term tax advantage financing vehicle for both, for a genuinely all-of-the-above energy strategy?”

–Democratic Sen. Chris Coons of Delaware in Reuters’ “Lawmakers to push tax code change for renewable energy in 2013”

Lead Stories

Deutsche Bank Says Co-CEO Fitschen Subject of CO2 Probe
Deutsche Bank AG (DBK) co-Chief Executive Officer Juergen Fitschen and Stefan Krause, the firm’s chief financial officer, are subjects of a tax probe involving the sale of carbon-emission certificates that led to five arrests and police raids on the lender’s Frankfurt offices.

TransCanada says oil forecasts support Keystone XL
New forecasts of booming oil output and falling demand in the United States have only strengthened the case for the Canada-to-United States Keystone XL pipeline, a top executive with proponent TransCanada Corp said on Wednesday.

Soil Carbon Lands Market Opportunities Through New Offset Methodology
Ecosystem Marketplace
Vast stretches of fertile loess deposits have helped shape the Palouse and Columbia Plateau region of the United States into one of the world’s most agriculturally productive regions. Loess, which means loose in German, is also susceptible to erosion. Over the past century, intensive farming of wheat, barley, peas, lentils and other crops has taken a major toll on the region’s soil and water resources and pushed native grasslands and biodiversity close to extinction.

After climate talks, eyes on US for next round
Even as international climate talks ended this weekend with no new commitments on carbon emissions or climate aid from the United States, some were relieved America didn’t make a weak deal even weaker.

Lawmakers to push tax code change for renewable energy in 2013
A group of U.S. lawmakers said on Wednesday that they plan to push ahead in the new year to change the tax code so renewable energy projects could qualify for beneficial tax structures commonly used by pipelines and other energy-related companies.

Geoengineering expert: Tinkering with climate is tempting, also ‘kind of insane’          
The thermostat. What an invention! Your house gets too hot, just crank the thermostat down a few degrees and you’re good to go.

Opinion: There are risks in managing climate change
The Age
As part of its declared focus on ensuring common sense in policy approaches and the reduction of green tape, Queensland’s Newman government is proposing to amend environmental laws across the state.


Aviation Carbon 2013
February 19-20, 2012

2013 Climate Leadership Conference
Washington D.C.
February 27-March 1, 2013


US states sue EPA over methane emissions
The Age
A coalition of seven eastern states led by New York plans to sue the US Environmental Protection Agency for failing to issue new guidelines to curb emissions of methane, a greenhouse gas that may be linked to climate change.

Japan, Australia to Test Carbon Capture Method
The Wall Street Journal
The Japanese and Australian governments and a string of major companies will initiate a pilot carbon capture and storage project using new technology in coming days at an old coal-fired power plant in Queensland state, hoping to demonstrate that combating climate change may also create good business opportunities.

Natural Gas/Coal

Sen. Lugar shakes up gas-export battle
The Hill’s E2 Wire
Retiring Sen. Dick Lugar (R-Ind.) is floating legislation to ensure that federal regulators approve natural-gas exports to NATO countries, arguing the access to U.S. supplies would help allies curb their reliance on Russia and Iran.

David Roberts talks fracking on MSNBC’s ‘Up With Chris Hayes’                      
On Saturday, I appeared on MSNBC’s “Up With Chris Hayes,” on an episode entirely devoted to energy. (Yes, Virginia, Santa Claus is real.) There were three long segments over the course of the two-hour show: one on fracking, one on the explosion of fossil fuel production in the U.S. (“Saudi America”), and one on renewables. I was on the first and third.

Pertamina Makes Own Way to Energy Security
The Wall Street Journal
PT Pertamina isn’t getting caught up in a foreign acquisition spree with other Asian state-owned energy companies, preferring to adopt a diversified, mostly domestically focused, approach to meeting Indonesia’s rapidly rising energy needs.


Sen. Coons predicts GOP support for bill to boost renewable-energy investment
The Hill’s E2 Wire
Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.) said Wednesday that he is optimistic enough Republicans will rally behind his renewable-energy financing bill to get it passed next Congress.

Australia takes a shine to solar energy research
The Age
The Gillard government will step up its investment in joint solar energy research with the US, using additional funds from its new $2.2 billion renewable energy agency.

U.S. to Award $169 Million to Seven Offshore Wind Projects
The U.S. Department of Energy will award as much as $169 million to seven proposed offshore wind projects in six states.


Wind-Energy Group Backs Six-Year Phase Out for U.S. Break
The wind-energy industry asked Congress to extend an expiring tax break for six years with the value declining during the period to ease concerns in Congress that the credit will worsen the federal deficit.

Conservative groups press lawmakers to oppose wind credit
The Hill’s E2 Wire
Several conservative groups on Wednesday urged lawmakers in states without renewable electricity targets to oppose extending a wind energy tax incentive.


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