In this edition, more from Doha, now at the halfway point, including Bid to streamline Doha talks could herald emissions progress, from Business Green and Japan Aims to Push China, U.S. on Pollution Without Kyoto from
Bloomberg. And, on markets, EU CO2 Fix May Avoid Delays as Lawmaker Seeks Faster Vote, plus EU Carbon Drops to Record After Nations Delay Vote to Curb Glut.


Quote of the Day:

“There is a mutual mistrust that is very clear. We need to get back to the spirit of Durban.”

–Brazil’s chief Doha negotiator Andre Aranha Correa do Lago, in AP’s UN climate boss: No support for tough climate deal


Lead Stories

COP18: Room for improvement, but carbon markets are here to stay
Responding to Climate Change blog
Adrian Rimmer, Chief Executive Officer at The Gold Standard Foundation, explains that there is still a desire for market-based approaches to tackling climate change, as a way of promoting low carbon growth and achieving development goals in developing countries.
**RKB — Rimmer says problem is structural and certainly not helped by a global financial crisis.

UN climate boss: No support for tough climate deal
The United Nations climate chief is urging people not to look solely to their governments to make tough decisions to slow global warming, and instead to consider their own role in solving the problem.

Carbon pollution up to 2 million pounds a second
The amount of heat-trapping pollution the world spewed rose again last year by 3 percent. So scientists say it’s now unlikely that global warming can be limited to a couple of degrees, which is an international goal.
**RKB –Worldwide carbon dioxide levels are 54% higher than the 1990 baseline, these numbers from the Global Carbon Project show.

Bid to streamline Doha talks could herald emissions progress
Business Green
Delegates at Doha are reportedly trying to streamline the negotiating process in an attempt to accelerate progress towards a global agreement to cut emissions.
**RKB — So the process is the problem?

Japan Aims to Push China, U.S. on Pollution Without Kyoto
Japan’s rejection of an international treaty on reducing pollution after 2012 is a tactic to put pressure on China and the U.S. to sign up to a new climate pact, the country’s environment ambassador said.

Japan, Russia Under Pressure to Renew Climate Vows, De Boer Says
Japan, Russia and Canada face “significant pressure” to extend carbon-reduction pledges, and their refusal would jeopardize the Kyoto Protocol, the UN’s former climate chief Yvo De Boer said.

Glacial progress marks UN climate talks
Financial Times
Normally, one set of annual UN climate talks looks much like another. But as ministers fly in to the Qatari capital of Doha for the final week of this year’s meeting, the gap between the plodding nature of the 17-year-old talks and the pace at which scientists say the climate is now changing has rarely seemed so vast.

Pledges to fight global warming inadequate, U.S. off track: study
Major nations’ policies are inadequate to limit global warming and the United States is off track even in carrying out its weak pledge to limit greenhouse gas emissions, a scientific scorecard showed on Friday.

Climate Gridlock Frustrating Envoys at UN Talks in Doha
International efforts to curb global warming are moving so slowly that that delegates from both rich nations and poorer ones are expressing frustration with the process.

Energy Policy Must Be Stable to Be Sustainable, Council Says
Global energy policies must be stable to contribute to sustainability as demand for energy rises, the World Energy Council said.

AP Interview: New Zealand slams Kyoto extension
New Zealand’s climate minister on Sunday strongly defended a decision not to sign an extension of the Kyoto treaty that limits greenhouse gas emissions, saying the pact is outdated, and his country’s policy is “ahead of the curve.”

Evidence for man-made climate change getting stronger – UN
Evidence that global warming is man-made is getting stronger, the head of a U.N. panel of climate scientists said, in a further blow to sceptics who argue rising temperatures can be explained by natural variations.

EU ministers to debate post 2020 green subsidy reform
EU energy ministers are poised to seek “non-binding” guidance from the European Commission on reform of green fuel subsidies as part of a debate on new post-2020 policy goals, according to a draft document.

EU executive arm probes Germany over green energy law
The European Commission, the EU’s executive body, said on Thursday it is investigating the possibility Germany’s new renewables energy law is leading to the misuse of incentives and exemptions.

Brussels unveils new push to phase out environmentally harmful subsidies
Business Green
The European Commission this week unveiled a major new Environment Action Programme that could place a legal requirement on member states to honour pledges to phase out environmentally harmful subsidies and shift taxation from labour to resources.

PM rejects climate expert for top job
Financial Times
David Cameron has taken the unusual step of overruling the head of the civil service and quashed the appointment of climate change expert David Kennedy to lead the energy department.

The UK Energy Bill: a good start, undermined by coalition politics
Financial Times
The new Energy Bill that the government has introduced into parliament appears to pass the main tests that will ensure that the UK’s electricity system keeps the lights on while also reducing its impact on our climate. The basic principles are sound and there is a clear and encouraging sense of direction.


Doha Climate Change Conference
United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
Nov. 26-Dec. 7, 2012

2013 Climate Leadership Conference
Washington D.C.
February 27-March 1, 2013


EU CO2 Fix May Avoid Delays as Lawmaker Seeks Faster Vote
The European Union’s proposal to strengthen the carbon market may avoid delays after a lawmaker overseeing the draft measure said he will seek to bring forward by a month a vote on it in the region’s parliament.

EU Carbon Drops to Record After Nations Delay Vote to Curb Glut
European Union carbon permits dropped to a record after nations delayed a vote on a plan to temporarily cut the supply of allowances.

Brazil deforestation hits record low
Deforestation in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest has dropped to its lowest level in 24 years, the government said Tuesday.

13 Things to Know About California’s cap-and-trade program
Mercury News

Doha blog: Emissions trading set for turbulence and tie-ups
Business Green
Obama’s decision to rule US airlines out of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) this week has left many in doubt about his ability to put words into action when it comes to climate.
**RKB – Featured blogger is Jane Burston of U.K.’s National Physical Laboratory

Natural Gas/Coal

Fracking Secrets by Thousands Keep U.S. Clueless on Wells
A subsidiary of Nabors Industries Ltd. (NBR) pumped a mixture of chemicals identified only as “EXP- F0173-11” into a half-dozen oil wells in rural Karnes County, Texas, in July.

GOP lawmakers say fracking study could hurt job growth
The Hill’s E2 Wire
A group of GOP House energy leaders advised Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to exercise caution in a possible study on the health impacts of natural-gas drilling.

Liberals blast Susan Rice’s ‘outrageous’ investments in Canadian pipeline firm
The Hill’s E2 Wire
A liberal group launched an online petition Friday demanding that potential secretary of State nominee Susan Rice divest herself of “every dollar of stock” in the Canadian company seeking approval for the controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline to the Gulf Coast.

Energy Bill sounds death knell for king coal
Business Green
Green campaigners have hailed the end to new unabated coal-fired power plants in the UK, after the government used its newly-published Energy Bill to close a “whopping loophole” that would have allowed plants to avoid its carbon cap.


OPEC member Qatar says to start embracing solar energy
Qatar aims to raise the share of solar power in electricity generation to 16 percent by 2018, an official said on Saturday in a rare example of an OPEC nation embracing renewable energy.

COLUMN: Impact of renewables on energy rivals uncertain: Wynn
Subsidised renewable energy cuts peak power prices, but is also unreliable, and in most countries the cost of balancing its intermittency is borne by dispatchable (available on demand) fossil fuel and nuclear power.

Palm oil prices set for a volatile 2013 in oversupplied market
Palm oil prices are set to start 2013 on a sour note as record high stocks and rising output in Southeast Asia overwhelm already weak demand, while regulatory uncertainty in top buyers India and China adds to the gloomy outlook.

Ottawa pledges Newfoundland power project loan guarantees
Canada’s federal government will provide a loan guarantee of up to C$6.3 billion ($6.3 billion) for Lower Churchill River hydro-electric projects in Labrador in a move that could cut the cost of power to residents of two Atlantic provinces.

Study analyzes Maine wind power benefits
An environmental group says power generation from Maine wind farms is eliminating more than 400,000 metric tons of carbon pollution a year.

Insight: France’s love affair with nuclear energy cools
For decades, the elite engineers turned out by Paris’s grand Corps des Mines academy were faithful followers of the pro-atomic creed that transformed their country into the most nuclear-reliant nation in the world.

Japan grapples with nuclear question
Financial Times
Japanese voters hoping to use December’s election to cast a ballot for or against nuclear power – the most emotionally charged issue in the country since the Fukushima disaster – are getting little help from mainstream politicians.

Fulcrum Withdraws Biofuel IPO Citing ‘Challenging’ Market
Fulcrum BioEnergy Inc. (FLCM), a closely held company that produces ethanol from garbage, withdrew its registration for a planned initial public offering due to “challenging” market conditions, Chief Executive Office James Macias said.

Davey: Energy Bill “renaissance” will drive offshore wind investment
Business Green
Ed Davey has insisted the policies outlined in yesterday’s Energy Bill will prove sufficient in convincing large energy companies to invest in the UK’s offshore wind industry.

Japan Firms to Merge Power System Operations
The Wall Street Journal
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. 7011.TO +2.96% and Hitachi Ltd. 6501.TO +4.16% said they reached a basic agreement to merge their operations for fossil-fuel-based power systems into a joint venture aimed at gaining scale to compete against global rivals.

Japan’s Idle Land Finding New Life as Solar Farms
The Wall Street Journal
Long-deserted land meant for industrial parks in Japan’s rural areas is attracting investors taking advantage of new government-sponsored incentives to build solar farms.


U.S. senator advises defensive posture on wind power tax credit
Wind energy companies should focus on ensuring that the tax credit at the center of their industry survives at all in coming months, and not so much on trying to beef it up next year, said a senior U.S. Republican senator on Wednesday.


San Diego Approves Desalination Plant Water Purchase Agreement
San Diego’s regional water authority approved a contract to purchase all the output of a seawater desalination plant with an estimated price tag of almost $1 billion that has yet to be built in nearby Carlsbad.

Greece to Invite Investor Interest in Thessaloniki Water Holding
Greece plans to invite investors next month to formally express interest in buying some or all of its 74 percent stake in Thessaloniki Water Supply & Sewage Co. (EYAPS) SA, the country’s second-largest water company.


Regional Investment of RGGI CO2 Allowance Proceeds, 2011 (Posted Nov. 27, 2012)

2012 Report on Sustainable and Responsible Investing Trends in the US (Posted Nov. 27, 2012)
The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment

Climate Change Report Warns of Dramatically Warmer World This Century (Posted Nov. 19, 2012)
World Bank

Americans’ Global Warming Beliefs and Attitudes in September 2012 (Posted Oct. 21, 2012)
Yale Project on Climate Change Communication

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Environmental Defense Fund

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