In this edition, global giants advance targets to mixed reviews at Doha, covered here in in two Reuters’ articles: China pledges $56 billion to cut air pollution and Russia to set 2020 carbon target that will let emissions rise. Plus, US shale production to push oil, gas output higher-EIA.

Quote of the Day:

“It’s a big shift. The tone was positive and the offer was positive. The issue he didn’t touch on was finance, and unless there’s a resolution on that they’re going to say the U.S. is just talking.”

–Alden Meyer, of the Union of Concerned Scientists, in Bloomberg’s “U.S. Shows Signs of Flexibility at UN Climate Discussions”

Lead Stories

China pledges $56 billion to cut air pollution
China will spend 350 billion yuan ($56 billion) by 2015 to curb air pollution in major cities, the environmental watchdog said on Wednesday.

Russia to set 2020 carbon target that will let emissions rise
Russia plans to set itself a binding 2020 goal for carbon emissions, a top climate change official said on Wednesday – the only problem is it would allow them to rise.

Asian Cities’ Air Quality Getting Worse, Experts Warn
The New York Times
Air pollution has worsened markedly in Asian cities in recent years and presents a growing threat to human health, according to experts at a conference that began on Wednesday.

World Bank: Arab World hit hard by climate change
The Middle East and North Africa will be especially hard hit by climate change in the coming decades, the World Bank said in a report Wednesday, saying the region will see less rainfall, more recording-breaking temperatures and rising sea levels.

U.S. Shows Signs of Flexibility at UN Climate Discussions
President Barack Obama’s envoy at United Nations global-warming negotiations said he’s willing to participate in discussions on the issue of fairness in how nations plan to curb climate change, paving the way for drafting a new treaty by 2015.

U.S. Offshore Wind Market Becoming ‘Real’ With European Interest
European energy companies are considering participating in U.S. offshore wind-farm auctions, a sign of increasing confidence in the viability of marine-based wind power off U.S. shores, according to Arcadia Windpower Ltd. President Peter Mandelstam.

Tensions over climate financing complicating UN talks in Doha
The world’s poorest nations on Wednesday called for significant financing to cope with the impacts of global warming, setting up a potential clash with rich countries that could slow progress on reaching a global climate pact by 2015.

U.S. Brushes Off Push for Detail on $100 Billion Climate Aid
The U.S. brushed aside demands from Brazil, China and United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon for richer countries to detail how they’ll deliver $100 billion in climate aid by 2020.

UN Envoys Not Held to Account as Climate Changes, Mundial Says
Daniel Rossetto, managing director of Climate Mundial Ltd., a London-based consulting company that works in carbon markets, comments on the pace of United Nations climate-protection talks. Negotiations are taking place this week in Doha, the Qatari capital. He wrote yesterday by e-mail.

US shale production to push oil, gas output higher-EIA
U.S. oil and gas production over the next two decades will be higher than previously expected, the government said on Wednesday, underscoring the push toward greater energy self-sufficiency and more exports of natural gas.

Clean development threatened as Kyoto Protocol expires – experts
Thomson Reuters Alert News
As climate change delegates meet in Doha for the United Nations climate change conference (COP18) they are facing a unique crisis:  The developing countries’ most important pillar in the fight against climate change – and one the Kyoto Protocol’s biggest successes – is crumbling.


Doha Climate Change Conference
United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
Nov. 26-Dec. 7, 2012

2013 Climate Leadership Conference
Washington D.C.
February 27-March 1, 2013


First Allowance Auction Rakes In More Than $289 Million For State Coffers
Long Beach Business Journal
The first of the quarterly cap-and-trade allowance auctions, held by the California Air Resources Board (ARB) on November 15, resulted in the sale of $289,102,449.90 worth of carbon permits primarily to entities covered by state law AB 32.

EU Carbon Gains Most Since April as Italy, Spain Back Supply Fix
European Union carbon permits rose the most since April after Italy and Spain said they are in favor of an EU plan to sell fewer permits starting in 2013.

Five Things You Should Know About Ozone Depleting Substances in California’s Cap-and-trade Program
Huffington Post
California’s cap-and-trade program incorporates the use of carbon offsets generated from the destruction of ozone depleting substances (ODS) to help the state meet its goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. While you may not be familiar with the term ozone depleting substances, chances are that these substances can be found in your home and business. ODS are used in a wide variety of commercial and residential refrigerators, air conditioning units, and building insulation.

Natural Gas/Coal

Osborne Backs Fracking With Tax Breaks to Reduce U.K. Bills
The U.K. will consider tax breaks for shale-gas exploration as the government seeks to cut dependence on energy imports and hold down household electricity bills, Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne said.

UK flirts with shale industry but keeps fracking ban
Britain gave a boost to its shale gas industry on Wednesday by creating a dedicated government office to simplify regulation and by confirming tax breaks, but stopped short of lifting a ban on exploration imposed over a year ago.

Wärtsilä: UK’s gas strategy paves way for renewed government focus on flexible gas generation
Press Release
With intermittent renewable energy resources and nuclear set to become a bigger part of the UK’s energy mix, it is essential that policymakers put a suitable framework in place today to encourage the construction of most flexible gas plants.

Long-awaited study says gas exports would boost US economy
The Hill’s E2 Wire
A major study commissioned by the Energy Department (DOE) concludes that expanding natural-gas exports would be an economic win for the U.S., a finding that provides a political boost to lawmakers and companies pushing for approval of several applications.


Brazil to Raise Local-Content Rules for Wind, Trade Group Says
Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Economico e Social, Brazil’s development bank, plans to increase local-content requirements for wind-turbine companies as the nation seeks to boost business for domestic suppliers, a trade- group official said.

FERC chief looks at power grid’s future
The Hill’s E2 Wire
The chief U.S. electric grid regulator will speak about energy efficiency, electric reliability and “smart” grid technology during a Thursday panel hosted by The Hill.


Greece Seeks Investors for $458 Million of Athens Water Plants
Greece invited investors to build, manage and operate four sewage treatment plants in the greater Athens region, according to the country’s Development Ministry.

Singapore Seeks to Lower Cost of Producing Water, Utility Says
Singapore is seeking to lower the cost of producing water as it looks for alternative sources through desalination and recycling, that consume more energy.


Forest Protection Work Slowed by Rift Between Brazil, Norway
Efforts to produce a global set of rules for protecting forests are being held up by a dispute between Brazil and Norway over who should be responsible for verifying the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed by trees.


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The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment

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