Econ Illinois to host American Dream dinner event on Thursday, April 28, 2011

Join business associates and friends for an evening of socializing, networking and good food while supporting the mission to help all children in Illinois receive a sound financial education.

Econ Illinois, a nonprofit organization celebrating 60 years of service to schools and teachers in Illinois, will host its annual American Dream dinner event on Thursday, April 28th at the Art Institute of Chicago. Funds raised from the event will go to support economic and financial literacy education for K-12 students throughout Illinois.

The annual dinner event will be held in the old Chicago Stock Exchange Trading Room at the Art Institute of Chicago and will include a reception, dinner and raffle as well as a short program. The program highlight will include presentations by students and teachers, with a special guest speaker.

Funds raised from the American Dream event are used to support the programs of Econ Illinois. For 60 years, Econ Illinois has been helping K-12 schools integrate the teaching of economics and personal finance across the curriculum at all grade levels, preparing students to meet Illinois Learning Standards, and providing them with the fundamental economic concepts and skills needed to be effective participants in our economy.

A fourth grader, who was a winner in the Econ Illinois Economic Poster Contest and who spoke at the 2009 American Dream event, best illustrated the benefits of a good economic education: “The Econ Illinois Poster Contest has taught me an important lesson. After being introduced to the different economic concepts by my teacher, I chose to illustrate the concept of Scarcity. In my poster, ‘Jimmy’ needs to eat, but the scarcity of his money means he has to choose foods that any kid will say don’t taste as good as others. He may want the cookies, but he can only afford the Brussels sprouts. I learned that scarcity can be a very serious issue in life, and people need to make choices because of it. I think the Rolling Stones said it best- while you ‘Can’t always get what you want, if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need.’”

Support for the American Dream will help to keep the dreams alive for our youth, giving them opportunities to achieve their goals and get what they need in life.

Lead sponsors for this year’s American Dream dinner event include Honorary Chairs CME Group and HSBC N.A. with additional sponsorship from ComEd, Deloitte and Mesirow Financial.

Information about the American Dream dinner event and Econ Illinois can be found at

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