“As you’ve all realized in your short time through your internships, for the most part this industry — and when I’m talking about this industry I’m talking about proprietary trading firms, exchanges, some the other service providers that support the business, so the industry at large — we really function more as applied science or applied technology companies, right?”

Remember when you could see the action matinee double feature for a buck? Or when a cream soda cost a dime? At some point in time those favorite, stale references were simply the present. Ed Haravon, COO of Spot Trading, says these are the good old days to be in financial markets. In every convoluted regulatory hurdle, bit of market fragmentation and algorithmic uncertainty lies the potential for an innovative solution and to blaze a new trail.  And some day we’ll be the curmudgeons in a Jetsonian flying car reminiscing about ZIRP and five dollar beers. What better place to do that than Chicago, where all the cool kids go to hedge.

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