There are lots of ways to get an education. One of the questions we ask in our John Lothian Profiles videos is “What did the markets teach you the hard way?” Getting taught the hard way is certainly one way to learn. But so is learning from the experiences of others.

Learning from others is at the heart of the MarketsWiki Education World of Opportunity series. We wanted the young people looking at our industry to hear from some of the people who helped build it into what it is today, and from some of the people who are building it into what it will be tomorrow.

My father used to say that one’s education was the one thing in life that can’t be taken away from you. You can lose possessions, jobs, loved ones as you go through life, but no one can take away your education.

My education, two bachelor’s degrees from Purdue University after four years at an outstanding high school, Glenbrook South in Glenview, IL, was really about learning to learn. It was about preparing for a life of learning to be able to handle the changes in careers that was inevitable as I grew older and more experienced and the world changed.

My education was not about learning how to do specific things, though I certainly did. Publishing a newspaper is completely different from when I was in college. Computer programs were written on punch cards and run through mainframe computers. About the only thing that is the same as when I was in college is the technology to tap a keg of beer. But even that has changed.

MarketsWiki Education’s World of Opportunity series is a chance to learn from some of the leaders of our industry. That is not a chance a young person gets every day. It is an opportunity that one should grasp and take advantage of.

If you know of some young person who you think would find the series valuable, please pass along the information and a recommendation for them to attend. They can sign up here.

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