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“For me, [the EU airline tax] is a deal breaker. I strongly believe that as far as climate change discussions are concerned, this is unacceptable.”

India’s Environment Minister Jayanthi Natarajan in Bloomberg’s “India Says EU Airline Tax Deal Breaker for Climate Talks”

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Voluntary carbon market escapes mandatory gloom
Environmental Finance
Sentiment is more positive in the voluntary carbon markets than in their larger, mandatory equivalents, according to the winners of Environmental Finance and Carbon Finance’s annual survey of the voluntary carbon markets.

NZ proposes international carbon trading limits
Proposed changes to New Zealand’s carbon trading scheme, the only one of its kind outside Europe, would limit the use of international carbon credits and cap the price for the next three years, officials said on Wednesday.

EU CO2 law could scupper global climate talks

A European Union law that charges airlines for carbon emissions is “a deal-breaker” for global climate change talks, India’s environment minister said, hardening her stance on a scheme that has drawn fierce opposition from non-EU governments.

India Says EU Airline Tax Deal Breaker for Climate Talks

The European Union’s move to make airlines pay for their carbon emissions is a “deal breaker” for international climate negotiations, India’s environment minister said today.

UK invests 60 million sterling in climate research centre

The UK government pledged 60 million pounds ($95 million) to support the Met Office Hadley Centre’s Climate Programme until at least 2015 to keep Britain at the forefront of climate science research.

‘All of the above’ is popular, but hides partisan divide on energy

As he has shifted into campaign mode, one of Obama’s most high-profile rhetorical gambits has been to flagrantly steal the GOP’s favorite slogan on energy: “all of the above.” He risked such open public theft (which has left Republicans spluttering) for a reason — it works. It’s what America wants.

Gallup Poll:

Americans Endorse Various Energy, Environment Proposals
Republicans and Democrats show substantially differing levels of support

EU carbon climbs above 7 euros as set-aside talks begin

Point Carbon
EU carbon saw late gains on Wednesday as equity markets lent support and testing negotiations began between lawmakers on an energy efficiency bill that could instruct permits to be withdrawn.


ClimeCo America Corporation Delivers Carbon Credits to Just Energy Generated by Rentech Nitrogen
Press Release
ClimeCo America Corporation (ClimeCo America) and Rentech Nitrogen Partners, L.P. jointly announced today that ClimeCo America will deliver 120,000 Climate Reserve Tonnes (CRT) to Just Energy , a leading competitive North American green energy retailer. Measured as a unit of offset credits used by the Climate Action Reserve (CAR), one CRT is equal to one metric ton of greenhouse gases reduced or sequestered. The carbon credits will be delivered to Just Energy by ClimeCo over a five-year period.

International offsets to play limited role California CO2 market: official

Point Carbon
California will not look to international offsets to make up for a possible shortage of domestically-produced credits for the state’s carbon market, the head of the regulatory body that will implement the carbon market said Wednesday.

US military sets goal to cut power grid dependence

The Obama administration set a goal on Wednesday of building three gigawatts of solar, wind, and geothermal power capacity on U.S. military installations by 2025 that could require about $20 billion in private financing.


Inventory report confirms oil-and-gas pollution rising

Postmedia News
A new inventory report on greenhouse gases Wednesday has confirmed that Canadian emissions levels continued to drop in most sectors for 2010 except in the oil-and-gas industry’s booming oilsands activities.

Despite growing economy, Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions stabilized in 2010

The Globe and Mail
Canada’s production of greenhouse gas emissions stabilized in 2010 despite a growing economy, Environment Canada is due to report.

New data shows Canada to miss emissions goal -greens
Although Canada’s output of greenhouse gases was almost unchanged in 2010 from 2009, the major oil producer will find it tough to meet its 2020 emissions-cut target, government figures signaled on Wednesday.


German Developers Plan Solar Parks in Spain Without Subsidies

Two German solar energy developers are planning to build photovoltaic plants in southern Spain that will earn a return without government subsidies.

Vestas Slumps to 9-Year Low After Targets Cut: Copenhagen Mover

Vestas Wind Systems A/S (VWS) fell to the lowest in almost nine years as Morgan Stanley and Jyske Bank A/S (JYSK) cut their price estimates for the largest wind-turbine maker.

Dong to Spend $795 Million Turning Fossil Plants to Wood

Dong Energy A/S, Denmark’s state- controlled utility, plans to invest about 500 million pounds ($795 million) to convert three of its coal- and gas-fired power stations to generate heat and electricity from wood pellets.

Poland to Amend Renewables Bill Amid Wind-Farm Investor Concern

Poland, which boosted wind-power capacity 37 percent last year, will amend a proposed renewable- energy law after investors said a December draft would hamper development of new ventures and erode wind-project finances.

Italy to Realign Renewable Energy Incentives With EU Levels

Italy will bring its renewable energy incentives into line with European Union levels and with current market prices, the Industry Ministry said.

South Pole Carbon in Australian offset firm deal

Point Carbon
Switzerland-based carbon management firm South Pole Carbon on Wednesday announced it has taken a majority stake in Australian project developer Climate Friendly in a bid to establish itself in the emerging Australian CO2 market.
**repeats in Asia

Clegg promises major boost for energy efficiency industry
Business Green
Deputy prime minister Nick Clegg has today announced a series of measures designed to help alleviate fuel poverty and drive demand for insulation and other energy efficiency improvements.

The Cleggite solution to rising UK utility prices: Kemp

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg promised on Wednesday energy suppliers will have to inform customers at least once a year of the cheapest power and gas tariffs available in a bid to stimulate competition and push down prices.


South Pole Carbon in Australian offset firm deal
Point Carbon
Switzerland-based carbon management firm South Pole Carbon on Wednesday announced it has taken a majority stake in Australian project developer Climate Friendly in a bid to establish itself in the emerging Australian CO2 market.
**repeats in Europe 

Premiers to slash green tape, inefficient climate schemes
The Age
THE Gillard government and the states, including NSW, will back business demands for faster environmental approvals and the abolition of redundant climate change policies.

Latin America

Brazil’s All-In Bet on Amazon Dams Jeopardizes Economic Growth

Jose Carlos Arara puts a tarnished 38-caliber revolver into his waistband. It’s a sweltering, mid- November morning in the Brazilian Amazon rain forest, and the 31-year-old Indian chief walks through the jungle to check on his tribe’s yuca crop.

Acciona Windpower Wins First Brazilian Turbine Contract

Acciona Windpower, a unit of Acciona SA (ANA), won its first contract in Brazil, the country set to become the fourth-biggest wind turbine market this year.

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