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“Britain has more wind turbines installed around its shores than any other country in the world and our market is rated year after year as the most attractive market among investors.”

U.K. Energy chief Edward Davey in Bloomberg’s “Floating Offshore Wind Kit Gets Spur From U.S., Britain”

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ICE Futures Europe to auction UK CO2 permits

Britain has awarded a contract to ICE Futures Europe to auction carbon permits in the third phase (2013-2020) of the European Union emissions trading scheme in a move that will boost volume on the most liquid carbon bourse.

ICE Futures Europe Statement: UK Government Emissions Auction

Press Release
IntercontinentalExchange (NYSE: ICE), a leading operator of global regulated futures exchanges, clearing houses and over-the-counter (OTC) markets, today issued the following statement following the announcement by the UK Department of Energy & Climate Change.

Australia flags Asia-Pacific carbon trading market
ABC Radio Australia
Australia’s Climate Change Minister, Greg Combet, has flagged the possibility of a common carbon trading market in the Asia-Pacific.

EU may discuss use of sovereign CO2 permits in ETS
The European Commission could discuss the possibility of allowing Europe’s emitters to use some government-held Kyoto carbon permits to meet caps under the European Union’s emissions trading scheme, an EU official said on Monday.

Oilsands not a sticking point in EU trade talks

CBC News
Canada’s oilsands aren’t a sticking point in trade talks with the European Union, Denmark’s trade minister said today in Ottawa.
**RKB – Coverage continues in Canada.

What to expect from the Clean Energy Ministerial
Business Green blog
It is set to be one of the most important weeks of the year for the UK’s green economy, as the government hosts the latest global Clean Energy Ministerial and David Cameron gears up to give his first major speech on the environment since taking office.

Obama launches fundraising campaign to win back environmental voters

The Guardian
Barack Obama has launched a new green re-election site hoping to make up with environmental voters ahead of next November’s vote. Environmentalists for Obama is aimed at organising green voters, who have had a complicated relationship with the Obama White House.
**RKB – This piece says Obama is nearly 40 points ahead of Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential candidate, among environmental voters.

This Week in Clean Economy: Northeast States Bucking Carbon Emissions Trend

InsideClimate News
America’s greenhouse gas emissions are headed up again, driven by a recovering economy, federal government data show. The Northeast may be able to buck that trend thanks in part to cap-and-trade, the controversial system for curbing global warming gases that Congress and many state governments scorned in recent years.


A Record of Leadership: How Northeastern States are Cutting Global Warming Pollution and Building a Clean Economy
Environment New Jersey

China Plans Shale-Gas Investment Floor to Tap Largest Reserves

China, holder of the world’s biggest shale-gas reserves, plans to speed up exploration of the resource by asking companies including PetroChina Co. (857) invest three times the minimum amount sought for crude oil areas.

Finds that form a bedrock of hope
Now Neuquén is on the brink of a modern-day oil rush. Explorers are looking for oil and gas trapped in shale rock formations thousands of feet below the surrounding plains. Argentina’s reserves are believed to be the third biggest in the world, after those of the US and China.

IFCA Pushes for Clarity on Accounting of Forest Carbon Credits
Ecosystem Marketplace
Early in the film Stand by Me, Gordy turns to the other kids in exasperation. “Alright, alright, Mickey’s a mouse, Donald’s a duck, Pluto’s a dog,” he says. “What’s Goofy?” It’s a serious question, because the answer determines whether Goofy stays in a hotel or in a kennel – and, in some families, whether he rides in the car or on the roof. Accountants are asking similar questions about carbon credits, and whether they are intangible assets, service agreements, financial derivatives, or commodities.

Floating Offshore Wind Kit Gets Spur From U.S., Britain
Britain and the U.S. said they’d fund work on offshore wind generation technologies that work in waters as much as 500 feet deep, a measure aimed at opening vast new areas of ocean to development.


Warren picks up endorsement of another green group
The Hill’s E2 Wire
Elizabeth Warren won the endorsement of the League of Conservation Voters Monday in her bid to unseat incumbent Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.).

Romney rips Obama for imposing ‘onslaught’ of energy regulations
The Hill’s E2
Mitt Romney on Monday accused President Obama of imposing an “onslaught” of regulations and restrictions on domestic energy production.


Trust plan favours B.C.’s private firms, say critics
The Vancouver Sun
Under the province’s rules for the new carbon economy, the public sector has been penalized the most.

Column: Oil industry the big winner in Alberta election

Toronto Star
For once the outcome of an Alberta election was completely unpredictable. Right up until the end the two leading contenders — Alison Redford’s PCs and Danielle Smith’s Wildrose party — were locked in a bitter battle for control of government.

Canada-EU free trade talks 75 per cent done, but hard part remains

The Canadian Press
Free trade talks with the European Union are nearing the “end game,” although the most difficult issues still remain on the table, the head of the EU council said Monday.


Russia to Embrace Energy Partners

Wall Street Journal
Russia is counting on foreign investment spearheaded by U.S. oil behemoth Exxon Mobil Corp. XOM +0.46% to defend its status as an oil superpower, the nation’s energy czar said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal.

U.K. Needs ‘Bolder, Broader’ Renewable Energy Policy
The U.K. needs “much bolder and broader” renewable energy policies to encourage technologies ranging from solar thermal power to liquid biofuels, said the Renewable Energy Association, an industry lobby group.

UK renewable sector could top 50bn sterling by 2020

Business Green
Meeting the UK’s renewable energy targets would create a world-leading industry capable of supporting 400,000 jobs and saving the country 60bn sterling in oil and gas imports, according to a new analysis released today.

Impax Fund-Held Epuron Buys German Park From Green Wind Energy
Epuron Holding GmbH, a wind-power developer held by an Impax Asset Management Ltd. fund, bought a German wind park from a unit of Green Wind Energy A/S, which is in “reconstruction proceedings” in Denmark.

Spain’s energy sector emissions rise 53 pct in Q1 2012
Point Carbon
The Spanish government’s policy of subsidizing coal-fired electricity production led to a 53 percent rise in CO2 emissions from mainland electricity generation in the first quarter of 2012, a report by WWF Spain showed Friday.


Japan May Announce Preferential Rates for Clean Energy in April

Japan may announce preferential price rates this month for electricity generated from renewable energy in a program that will start in July to encourage investment in non-fossil fuel power plants.

Advocate Helps Track Polluters on Supply Chain
Mr. Ma’s experiences led him to write a comprehensive analysis of the problems caused by the country’s headlong growth and industrialization, “China’s Water Crisis,” first published in 1999 and translated into English in 2004. He now directs an independent research organization, the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs, in Beijing, founded in 2006.

Scandal Spurs Indian Coal Auction

Wall Street Journal
India’s government, under fire for a series of multi-billion dollar corruption scandals, plans to auction coal-mining licenses publicly for the first time in an attempt to enhance transparency in the sector.

Govt ‘sold a pup’ with Murray water plan

The Age
Australia will be ”seriously embarrassed around the world” if the Murray-Darling Basin Authority’s controversial draft water plan goes ahead, a leading water economist says.

Water revolution would turn rooftops into catchments

The Age
MELBURNIANS face the biggest overhaul in the supply of household water in decades with a new plan to change the cost of water and where it comes from.

Suzlon Loses Second Top Manager as Repower Finance Chief Quits
Suzlon Energy Ltd. (SUEL), India’s biggest wind turbine maker, lost its second senior manager in less than a month after the chief financial officer of its German unit Repower SE resigned.

Africa/Middle East

Saudi’s National Water to Spend $66.4 Billion on Projects
National Water Co., Saudi Arabia’s state-owned utility, plans to spend $66.4 billion on plants and repairs over the next 10 years, said Osama Dardeer, senior manager for corporate projects.

Africa CDM finance suffers without EUA price support: broker

Point Carbon
Africa will miss out on clean energy investment unless the EU supports European CO2 prices and repeals a 2008 law that stops many countries from supplying credits to the bloc’s carbon market, according to a leading African CO2 broker.

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